10 Times Stephanie McMahon Finally Got Her Comeuppance

Mrs Ladyballs doesn't always come out looking strong...

Stephanie McMahon's current favourite pastime seems to involve running away from Ronda Rousey. It's classic heel stuff, but many online are annoyed. From a certain perspective, it could seem as though Steph is once again avoiding punishment - having made a habit of this over the past few years.

The Billion Dollar Princess often attracts criticism for insulting, belittling, and often physically assaulting members of her roster without any form of karmic retribution. Personally, I think there's little doubt that she'll get her just desserts at WrestleMania - especially now that the Mixed Tag Match between herself, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Rousey is official.

However, I can also see why this sort of behaviour can get a little irksome as the weeks pass. The Raw Commissioner seems untouchable at times. On the other hand, Steph's dominance may have caused us all to forget one thing: she doesn't always get away with it.

From physical bumps to public humiliation, Steph certainly hasn't been afraid to look weak from time to time. Sure, she may be the most powerful woman in wrestling, but she's also a McMahon (dammit). And if there's one thing McMahons know how to do, it's putting their body and dignity on the line in the name of sports entertainment.

It's time to take a trip down memory lane and remember the times Stephanie McMahon ended up on the losing side...

10. The Black Wedding


Weddings have been a curious theme of Stephanie's WWE career, particularly in the early days. She was infamously drugged and wedded by Triple H, although the whole thing was revealed to be a ruse shortly afterwards - allowing the pair to seize control of the promotion and begin the McMahon-Helmsley era.

A few years earlier, however, Steph endured another wedding ceremony with a slightly more gothic theme. We've arguably never seen her in a more vulnerable position.

The night after Backlash 1999, Undertaker (and his Ministry) brought a kidnapped Stephanie to the ring and attempted to make her his bride.

Ultimately she was saved by Steve Austin, a rare moment of selflessness from the Texas Rattlesnake.

Now admittedly, this occurred before Stephanie had ever been portrayed as a heel, so it probably can't be considered comeuppance in its purest sense. However, it still makes it onto the list because of all the nastiness she's partaken in in the years since.

9. Hitting Rock Bottom


Stephanie has clashed with numerous main-eventers over the course of her career, most notably Chris Jericho, with whom she shared many an entertaining verbal battle.

However, in terms of a physical clash, it's probably best to look no further than The Rock. Despite rarely (if ever) eating a Superstar's signature move these days, Steph has taken her fair share of Rock Bottoms over the years.

She did so at consecutive No Mercy pay per views in 2000 and 2001, although in fairness to Stephanie, her distractions did cost The Rock on both occasions. He lost the WWF Championship to Kurt Angle first, and the WCW Championship to Jericho a year later.

8. A Family Tradition


Being a McMahon, Stephanie is naturally no stranger to the Stone Cold Stunner. Along with Vince, Shane, and even Linda, Steph has been on the receiving end of multiple Stunners - although maybe not as many as her father, for obvious reasons.

A particularly memorable example came in early 2001, when Austin was in the midst of a feud with Triple H. Prior to their match, a 'no contact' clause had been implemented - causing both men to try to get at each other in unorthodox ways.

Stone Cold took a rather simple route against the Cerebral Assassin, marching to the ring and Stunning his wife to a huge reception.

Steph's willingness to take Austin's finisher made the events of Raw 25 a little strange, as she sneaked out of the ring prior to Stone Cold's attack on Vince and Shane. In hindsight, perhaps it would have lessened the impact should she take a big move at WrestleMania 34.

7. The Alliance's Milk Bath


Although one of many people in the ring during Kurt Angle's infamous 'milk bath' of The Alliance, we should still give Stephanie props for being there.

The Invasion Angle is generally remembered as a blown opportunity for WWE, but it did feature a few highlights - one of which was Angle's take on Stone Cold's famous beer truck segment.

Had this storyline happened today, Stephanie would probably have excused herself from the ring prior to the babyface's arrival - or at least tore into the authority figure she deemed responsible the following week.

She couldn't exactly do that here, as the leader of The Alliance was herself - and the man who provoked the milk bath was WWF Champion Steve Austin. Unlucky, Steph.

6. Left At The Altar


Triple H's return from injury at the beginning of 2002 saw The Game in an unfamiliar position. For the first time since the days of D-Generation X, he was an outright babyface - and therefore needed a heel to feud with.

Unfortunately, it was decided that his arch-rival wouldn't be Chris Jericho (with whom he'd have a main event match at WrestleMania X8), but rather his own wife. The feud isn't remembered kindly, as Stephanie's role as chief antagonist robbed Y2J of a lot of momentum - particularly as he had just become Undisputed Champion a month or two prior.

On the plus side, Triple H and Stephanie's rivalry provided a few moments of comeuppance for the Billion Dollar Princess. One came when she faked a pregnancy in order to get The Game to renew his wedding vows, only for Triple H to discover the truth and leave her standing at the altar.

5. Loser Gets Fired...


Continuing on from the last point, Triple H predictably defeated Jericho at WrestleMania and won the Undisputed Championship. On an edition of Raw shortly after, he squared off against both Stephanie and Y2J in a unique Triple Threat Match - with the loser being forced to leave the company.

Ultimately - and perhaps not so shockingly - The Game was victorious, gaining a pinfall on his wife before waving her out of the promotion.

In perhaps the least dignified moment of Steph's career, she was dragged from the building by a team of security. The chances of that happening in 2018 are surely astronomical.

Like many 'loser leaves town' matches, the stipulation here didn't last too long. Stephanie was back within three or four months as the new General Manager of SmackDown.

4. The Father-Daughter 'I Quit' Match


Like the first entry on this list, Stephanie was admittedly a babyface here. Still, few WWE Superstars have taken part in an 'I Quit' match - and fewer still against their own father. Well, just one actually.

No Mercy 2003 saw a match that was many things; ridiculous, controversial, dramatic, and - in a horrible sort of way - entertaining. Vince and Steph squared off in a match that largely consisted of the Chairman beating up his own daughter.

The stipulation was altered so that Stephanie could defeat her father via pinfall or submission, but Vince still hilariously went over. In fairness to Steph, she didn't verbally submit - losing instead when Linda threw the towel in, as her daughter was being choked unconscious with a lead pipe. We can definitely see Mrs McMahon's reasoning here.

The result saw Stephanie removed from her position as SmackDown General Manager, an absence which lasted two years.

3. Arrested For Slapping A 'Fan'


Steph's feud with Brie Bella was certainly a curious one, and ended with the Billion Dollar Princess on top. However, along the way, she was again removed from a WWE show in less than glamorous fashion.

In the summer of 2014, following Daniel Bryan's WrestleMania XXX triumph, Stephanie attempted to get Bryan to relinquish his championship by threatening wife Brie's career. Taking matters into her own hands, the Bella twin quit, before slapping Steph in the face.

Never one to take a slap without dishing out one of her own, Stephanie got revenge when Brie appeared in the crowd at a later show. However, due to Brie no longer being a WWE employee, Steph was arrested and removed from the building.

Ultimately, however, she'd end up on top - defeating Brie at SummerSlam for her first pay per view win since the match with Trish Stratus at No Way Out 2001.

2. The Grandest Stage Of Them All


In recent years, the only time we really get to see Stephanie receive her just desserts is WrestleMania. At least by saving her bumps for the biggest show of the year, she makes it feel like a major moment.

Unfortunately, one match she couldn't save was the main event of WrestleMania 32 - which saw her husband take on Roman Reigns. The bout was supposed to be Reigns' coronation as the top guy in WWE, but a record-breaking 'Mania crowd turned on it en masse.

Even Roman spearing the hell out of Stephanie couldn't turn things in The Big Dog's favour, rendering his eventual win a tainted one. Still, we can all agree that Steph took one hell of a move - as you can see from the photo above.

1. Table For One


Last year's WrestleMania saw Stephanie take a bump during a Triple H match for the second year in a row. This time, however, it wasn't his opponent who caused Steph pain, but The Game himself - sort of...

Towards the end of their 'unsanctioned' match in Orlando, Seth Rollins nailed Triple H with a superkick, sending the Cerebral Assassin staggering into his wife on the ring apron. Full credit to Steph, as she plummeted from the side of the ring through a table on the outside, delighting the crowd in the process.

These days, it seems like the only time Stephanie shows any weakness is at WrestleMania itself - so it's nice to see her booked in a match of her own this time around. In terms of giving the Billion Dollar Princess what's coming to her, could Angle and Rousey make it three years in a row?

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