10 Unluckiest Wrestlers Ever

If these wrestlers didn't have bad luck they wouldn't have any luck at all...

Today is Friday the Thirteenth, a day to avoid black cats, cracking mirrors and walking under ladders, as well as, you know, hockey-mask-wearing serial killers. 

I mean, every day is a day for that, but you get my point. 

Today being the day that it is has got me thinking about luck and, namely, how much luck plays a part in being a success in wrestling. 

There's a lot of hard work, talent and dedication involved, of course, but if successful wrestlers weren't in the right place at the right time and weren't blessed by serendipity, it's hard to imagine they would have had the careers they had. 

For example, does Steve Austin become the biggest star in the business if he doesn't cut the famous Austin 3:16 promo at the 1996 King of the Ring? And does he cut that promo if Michael Hayes doesn't tell him seconds before the bout that Jake Roberts had cut a religious-themed promo on him prior to the match? And does Austin get told this information at that time, had he not been returning from the hospital after being cut open in his earlier tournament match with Mark Mero? And does Austin win the tournament if Triple H isn't being punished for the role he played in the Curtain Call incident the month before? And does the Curtain Call happen if...

...OK, you see what I'm trying to say here, right? 

Luck plays a big part in wrestling success, but bad luck does too, and many performers have been on the unfortunate end of it. 

So, for Friday the Thirteenth, let's explore ten cases of wrestlers who I'm not saying were unlucky but, if they fell into a barrel full of tits, they'd probably come up sucking their thumbs. 

10. Rob Van Dam

Rob van dam 2006 wwe magazine

Rob Van Dam probably wouldn't call the unfortunate things that happened to him at inopportune times 'bad luck'. 

He'd more than likely tell you that that's the way the universe works, dude, and that it's all part of his journey, that everything happens for a reason. 

I mean, like, whatever, right? 

That's probably a healthy way to look at it and, to be honest, some of RVD's bad luck was really brought on by bad decision making. 

Not that the broken ankle he suffered while reigning as ECW Television Champion in 2000 was the result of a bad decision. In fact, it was caused by Mr. Monday Night performing a simple baseball slide, which is probably the least high-flying move in his arsenal. 

It's never a good time to get injured, but RVD was put on the shelf a week after being moved into a high-profile main event feud with ECW Champion Mike Awesome. That would have, had things gone to plan, resulted in a major title versus match further down the line that, more than likely, Van Dam would have won. 

Instead, he was forced to relinquish his belt and, by the time he was ready to come back, Awesome had already jumped ship to WCW. 

He definitely brought on his bad luck in 2006, when he was pulled over for speeding at the worst possible time, leading to the officers at the scene to find drugs and drug paraphernalia in the car that he and Sabu were driving. 

The Whole F'N Show was reigning as both ECW and WWE Champion at the time, but was forced to drop both belts and take a 30-day vacation when news of the bust made its way to Titan Towers. 

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