10 Weirdest Segments In Wrestling History

Wrestling is strange anyway, but sometimes it just got that little bit stranger...

Wrestling is inherently weird.

It’s a sport which is a drama which is pre-determined but physically knackering, and the most powerful person in the industry doesn’t know what a burrito is.

It’s one of those things that if you get it, you get it, but to outsiders it just doesn’t make sense.

And, honestly, can you blame them?

One of the most revered wrestlers of all time is a near seven-foot tall zombie undertaker who is also a Satanic priest, and a redneck biker, but also some kind of dead cowboy. And let’s not even get started on his brother…

But even in this odd world of wrestling, some segments have stuck out for their unadulterated strangeness.

Before we start; these are segments that are weird in comparison to their federations and surroundings, so therefore there’ll be no DDT Pro or Chikara or any other zany company in here, because they are bonkers from the ground up.

Coming from left-field, defying all convention, and usually asking us to leave logic at the door, they are equally celebrated and derided, and often leave people like Lance Storm and Jim Cornette turning a dark shade of purple...

Here are the ten weirdest segments in wrestling history!

10. Le Dinner Debonair

The most recent entry on this list was one of the most divisive wrestling moments of 2020, and considering it was the year of the cinematic match, that’s quite the accolade.

As part of MJF’s ongoing quest to infiltrate The Inner Circle and remould it in his image, he sat down for a steak dinner with the group’s head honcho; Le Champion Chris Jericho.

What we expected was one of the greatest of all time and the best talker of a generation to go back and forth, bickering, chatting, whatever they wanted. The last thing we expected was what we got.

Out of nowhere the two launched into a rendition of Rat Pack classic ‘Me and My Shadow’, with MJF filling in for Sammy Davis Jr., and Jericho doing his best Sinatra impression.

And they really gave it their all.

Jabs at all the faces in AEW, backing dancers, tops and tails, Jericho turning bright red - it was a full-on Vegas extravaganza. Then as soon as it finished they resumed their dinner like nothing happened.

For a more ‘sports oriented’ product like AEW, this felt really out of the blue.

It would have been more at home on something like Sesame Street… actually imagine that - Oscar the Grouch and MJF?


On the other hand, the New York Times did name it in their best performances of 2020. So each to their own.

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