10 Worst Hulk Hogan Pay-Per-View Matches Ever

Oh brother...

On the day of this list's publication, it is Easter Sunday. 

More important than the resurrection and chocolate eggs and all that, April 4 also marks the anniversary of WrestleMania IX. 

It's not exactly a cause for celebration, of course, since the prevailing memory of that show is Hulk Hogan strolling out after Bret Hart lost the WWE Title to Yokozuna in the main event, only to win the title himself in an insulting impromptu match that ensured - for better or worse - that everyone would be talking about Hulk Hogan when the show went off the air. 

And thinking about it takes me to all the other times the uber-tanned egomaniac stunk it up on pay-per-view. 

Because while Hogan is a legend and has had his fair share of great matches and created many an iconic moment, he's also (at least partly) responsible for some absolute shockers that fans had to pay their hard-earned money to see. 

Now, for the purposes of this, I'm just going to ignore anything with a celebrity or a basketball player in it (because of something to do with fish, guns and barrels), instead focusing on Hogan's pay-per-view output that sucked without the help of those who weren't adequately trained in the first place. 

So what are you going to do, readers, when Hulk Hogan's ten worst pay-per-view matches run wild on you?!?

My advice? Don't bother watching them. 

10. Vs. Roddy Piper - WWE Judgment Day 2003

Mr america wwe hulk hogan

Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper were two of the biggest stars of the 1980s Rock 'N' Wrestling boom, playing pivotal roles in the success of the first few WrestleManias. 

Their encounters were legendary and did big business, too, so it was no surprise that WCW tried to recapture the magic when they had both performers on their books in the mid-90s. 

The Hogan/Piper matches at Starrcade 1996 and Halloween Havoc '97 did not live up to their bouts from the decade before, but at least they had heat and were something of a spectacle. 

The same, sadly, cannot be said for Piper versus Mr. America (Hogan in a mask, in case you couldn't tell) at WWE Judgment Day 2003.

The storyline - an extension of Hogan's feud with Mr. McMahon - had received much airtime on SmackDown in the run up to the event, but everything about the match was just 'off' and, even though it only lasted a shade under five minutes, it still managed to be slow, plodding, boring and quite sad. 

When one of the 'highlights' is both men hitting each other with a weightlifting belt, you know you're in trouble. Adding to the weirdness of it all was the presence at ringside of Sean O'Haire and Zach Gowen, two Ruthless Aggression relics who both worked about as hard as the two men in the ring. 

In the end, Hogan won with the Leg Drop of Doom and did his posing routine. Piper would be out of the company weeks later.

It was Hogan's last WWE pay-per-view match until Backlash 2005, almost two years later.

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