2.0 Comment On Their AEW Debut

The former Ever-Rise debuted on Wednesday’s Dynamite

As seen on this week’s edition of AEW:Dynamite, 2.0 (former Ever-Rise in NXT) made their AEW debut, teaming with Daniel Garcia in a losing effort against Darby Allin, Jon Moxley, and Eddie Kingston.

Now, in conversation with The Show Rules, Matt Lee and Jeff Parker have commented on their AEW debut:

“It felt similar to NXT, the locker room part. Easy going, the boys.” Started Lee, with Parker adding "The boys are the boys, no matter where we're working. For the most part, whether it's NXT, AEW, I'm sure IMPACT is the same, it's this group of people who have gone through, in different ways, the same path that converges. It's the same people. We saw people we still stay in touch with and people we haven't seen in years but you were friendly with."

After a tough time getting screen-time in NXT, for 2.0 to be placed in such a high-profile spot on Dynamite was a big call by AEW, and 2.0 agree:

"In two days, we did more than we did in two years," said Lee. "It takes balls to do that. Two new guys in the company, to put that trust in them on national television against three of your top guys. It takes balls.”

Jeff commented, "Our run in NXT was what it was and we made the best of it, we had some good stuff, but it's not being thrown into a match with the top three [faces].”

Lee clarified that they didn’t want to come across as bitter about their NXT run, but they’re focused on trying to make a name for themselves in AEW: "We want to be on Dynamite every week and be a focal point of the company. We want to contribute in every way. On social media, on Dark, host shows, pushing Daniel Garcia along. They really gave us a lot of opportunities in two days."

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