29 Things You Might Not Know About WWE 2K18

The little things that take this gaming experience to the very top level...

I tell you what, being a fan of WWE video games is a wonderful existence these days. The games come thick and fast - some may say too fast but isn't that one of the better gripes to have in life? - and most importantly of all, each is better than the last. Some franchises out there rest of their laurels in releasing their next title, not 2K though. They've ensured that we've enjoyed a systematic progression since their first rasslin' title was released four years ago.

There are a lot of things you will already know about WWE 2K18 given it's been a part of our lives for over two months now. You know that it's the best looking wrestling video game of all time thanks to the new graphics and lighting techniques used, you know it contains the biggest roster ever assembled, but those big details are merely the tip of the iceberg.

If I was to sit here and list every single possible thing you might not know about WWE 2K18 I'd be writing an article longer than The Great Khali's chicken legs - and my goodness, does he have a whopping long pair of chicken legs or what?! Here are a few that you really should know about, however, as they take the experience of playing the game to the very next level!



We're starting big, people.

Given The Golden Truth aren't really a thing anymore some may argue that having the ability to perform their entrance, Goldust's spiel at the start and the rest, is somewhat redundant. However, those people have already forgotten that R Truth and Goldie's tandem was one of the greatest of this or any generation, so it's worthy of a place on this list, alright?

Initially, the entrance is hidden because it's Superstar specific to the Bizarre One and R-Trizzle. This means you have to manually make these two a tag team, go to their tag team section, and you should see the option to select the entrance is now there.

Given that this is legitimately one of the best and most lifelike entrances in the game it's a bit of a shock to see 2K hiding it like this. They should flaunt it. Work it. All that jazz...

28. Interactions With The Staging Area


This year, unlike most, you can actually take your weapons up to the entrance area and use them with the stage.

Doing these Extreme Moments couldn't be more simple. All you need to do is take whatever you want to use right up to the edge of the stage and when prompted to on screen, drop them off to the floor below. This will allow you to put tables and ladders into that little area next to the stage, or even in the crowd if you so wish.

As you can see above this allows you to perform death-defying dives off the stage through tables, and even certain finishers off the stage and through hardware below.


The game's new carrying system also allows you to interact with the stages in another way. All you need to do is pick up your opponent, walk towards certain areas of the screens and hit the strike button when prompted. This allows you to do a number of moves that start with you banging your adversary's torso off some electronics. Electrifying.

27. Catching Finishers


While we're here talking about the game's new carrying system, we might as well deal with the most devastating usage of it - the catching finisher.

Most of the time this is done when your opponent is attempting a Crossbody off the top rope and you're able to hit R2/RT when prompted. Your Superstar will catch their opponent, flip them up onto their shoulders and performer a signature or finisher. Above we see Kevin Owens in the process of reversing a Sami Zayn Crossbody into his Go Home Driver.

Don't think this feature is reserved for certain moves that lend themselves to torso-on-torso contact like this, OH NO! Your Superstar will flip, flop and fly their opponent around the world and back again just to ensure their customary signature/finisher is hit.

26. Using Fire Extinguishers In The Backstage Area


Those who played WWE 2K17 will know they couldn't be used back then. Now, quite frankly, they can, so you should.

You can use them to spray whatever that stuff is that comes out the end of them or to hit an opponent with the canister itself. Your opponent can be standing or prone while you do so, so go wild.

25. You Can Have A Modern Day Version Of Ric Flair If You Want


Ric Flair's been in the news quite a lot recently with his 30 for 30 documentary and return to WWE television taking place in recent weeks. Rejoice, Nature Boy fans, you can have an up to date 68-year-old Slick Ric in the game's ring to play with if you so wish.

There are two retro versions already in the game alongside a modern-day manager look, but to add a third playable in-ring Flair all you need to do is head over to Edit Superstar, select the '91 character, select the manager attire, switch the attire type to Superstar at the top of the menu, and then give the man some damn clothes.

When that's done if you head to the Superstar select screen and pick the '91 character, there should now be a 'ALT. ATTIRE 1' for you to choose.

24. What Cesaro's Tape Says...


Mystery solved...



We might as well end this trifecta of attire-related things you might not know about WWE 2K18 with what is arguably the most well-known thing you might not know about WWE 2K18... I'm dizzy after that sentence.

When the straps come down you know fine well that business is picking up and for a select few Superstars - the likes of Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Big E and Jason Jordan included - having their nips out for the world to see is a possibility in the new game.

All you need to do here is hit R1/RB and down on the D-pad at any time during a match when you're playing with one of these... strapping fellows. Get it?  

22. Reuniting The Wyatts Brings Good Things


With The Wyatts no longer together on WWE television and no sign of them getting back together anytime soon, you will have forgiven 2K if they decided to free up some space in the game by getting rid of Bray, Braun, Erick and Luke's wonderful entrance, and the rest of the stuff that is specific to the faction to boot.

Great news everyone, they haven't! This is great news because what was already an outstanding entrance in previous games has been taken to the next level thanks to 2K18's new lighting system. The best part about all of this, however, is that it's really easy to access. Simply manually reunite the group in edit teams. That's it. Simples. What's better still is that when you feature the foursome in a match you get an awesome winning scene and a couple of intimidating ringside sequences that you'll recognise from television.

21. Squash Matches


The Goldberg special, if you will; a match that lasts no longer than a trip to the urinal. Full on squash matches that last under a minute are a brand new feature in WWE 2K18.

These matches are made possible by the new 'Overwhelming Offense' feature that allows one of the Superstars taking part to win quickly by being aggressive. Each strike sees you receive a substantial momentum boost. Essentially, if you get a few early strikes in you'll have a finisher quicker than most on the roster.

Then, you just have to ensure that your finisher is executed without issue and you should have a match that ends quicker than a hiccup.

20. You Can Use Bobby Roode's Entrance From NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II


Ahead of 2K18's release one of the most anticipated details was Bobby Roode's entrance and just how awesome it was going to look. It's more than fair to say 2K didn't disappoint, and they've even gone above and beyond still by installing a second secret entrance for SmackDown Live's Glorious One.

All you need to do to get to this little secret gem is head over to the 'Create An Entrance' section and manually assign it to Roode's character. 

19. You Can Do The Shield's Triple Powerbomb In Singles Matches


This was a little-known feature in last year's game that you might not have known about. It's back again this year, and I thought it would be nice to remind you.

All you need to do is play a singles match with Roman Reigns with Messrs Rollins and Ambrose set to managers at ringside. Then, get a finisher and your opponent down on the mat, wait for the prompt on screen and then hit the OMG Moment. You might know this from 6-man tag matches, but it's there to use in Big Dog singles bouts as well.

This can only be done once per match though, as while it doesn't result in a DQ, Dean and Seth will leave the ringside area immediately after.

18. Gnarly Places To Do Finishers


That's right, gnarly. I'm well aware I've used that word and I'm not ashamed.

We all know that when you're backstage murder can be accomplished by hitting a signature or finisher off the top of the truck you can see in the background of the image above. This isn't the only vehicle you can use, however, as the limo that's back there can be used as well. Gnarly. Obviously, a five-foot drop isn't as impactful as a 20-foot one, but it's still GNARLY all the same.


You can also hit moves off the top off the stage (as discussed earlier in this article) or Hell In A Cell thanks to the game's new carrying system. All you need to do is pick up your opponent in a Powerbomb position, walk them to the edge of the stage or cell's roof, hold R1/RB and the strike button and you'll send them flying.


We're not done there as the carrying system can be utilised In the Elimination Chamber as well when performing moves from inside of the ring to the outside area, and outside to in.

What's great here is the fact the moves have slightly different animations compared to the same moves in regular matches to make them look all the more real. It's the little things, they say, and 2K have certainly paid attention to them here.

17. Using Certain Arenas Will Bring Back Proper Entrance Videos


This might just be me but most of the current day video walls aren't up to scratch. While Jinder Mahal's and The Miz's are pretty awesome, seeing most of the other Superstars' names just up there in a crazy font isn't enough. I want the days of proper entrance videos to come back in the real life WWE ring, but until that happens, 2K18 has my back.

Modern stages like WrestleMania 33's and most of the old school entranceways will see a Superstar's entrance revert to their alternative entrance video.

If you want these alternative videos to be used all the time in all of the modern arenas, go to 'Create A Video', select 'video' and then 'Titantron' which brings up a comprehensive list of videos for you to pick from. Select one, confirm it, then encode it. Once that's done head to 'Create An Entrance', and from there in the custom list, you should have your chosen entrance video available. 

16. How To Earn More VC


What type of person doesn't want to earn more money for less work? An idiot, that's who.

Go to 'options' in the game's main menu, select 'game balancing', and set the 'Squash Match' bar to maximum. Then, set up a match and make sure the momentum is set to fast.

Then, ensure you hit a running strike right away and turn the match into a squash. Then get your signature and finisher out of the way and end it quickly. Given the length of the match, the rewards for it in terms of virtual currency should be rather fruitful.

15. How To Remove Certain Superstar's Facepaint


That's Goldust's naked face, a fitting inclusion given we recently saw Dustin Rhodes do the wrestles at Starrcade.

This is a feature that is also available with the likes of Sting and The Ascension, while Demon Finn Balor can have parts of his facepaint removed to create something really odd looking.

Removing facepaint was doable due to a glitch that has now been fixed. However, Community Creations that included facepaint-less Superstars are still available to download and more importantly, still work in the game. All you need to do is find them.

14. Glow In The Dark Clothing


Do you want to create a version of Naomi that looks even more like the real-life version than the real-life version of Naomi does? Well, come this way! You can feel the glow, by wearing the glow.

Anything can be made glow in the dark, including tattoos and hair. Just make sure you get to the screen shown above and you can do all kinds of weird and wacky things that weren't possible in years gone by.

Isn't this year's creator suite spectacular or what?

13. The Indytaker Is In The Game... Kind Of...


The Young Bucks and WWE have the kind of relationship I became accustomed to during the 2014 World Cup when no matter how hard I tried, that Robin van Persie sticker seemingly did everything in its power to evade me. I got there in the end and completed my sticker book, while WWE, with little nods like this, are seemingly still in their pursuit of happiness.

The Indytaker is in the game as you can see above, which isn't the direct nod to the Bucks that you might think given The Undertaker and Kane did the move back in the day. It's called a Spike Tombstone Piledriver in the game if you're looking for it, by the way.

What you might not know, however, is the fact the commentators call the move the "Meltzer Driver." Yes, that's right. Dave Metlzer's name is in WWE 2K18. But this is a case of so close yet so far for 2K, given the Meltzer Driver isn't actually the move in the game.

As we all know the Indytaker (the version that is in the game) is the version of this move that sees Matt do the spiking with no flip. The Meltzer Driver sees Nick go flying while incorporating a 450 in the air.

12. You Can Perform Double And Triple-Dives Off The Same Turnbuckle


We all know that double-dives are doable off different turnbuckles in WWE 2K18, but while it may seem a bit too fanciful to be believed, we can also make Superstars do double-dives off the same turnbuckle with devastating effect.

During a tag match, all you need to do is make sure your Superstar has a top rope finisher and take their sorry ass up the turnbuckles. Then, charge your finisher by holding Triangle/Y and midway through the charge, have the second Superstar climb the same turnbuckle. Once they're up there with you, cancel the charged finisher by hitting L1/LB and then hit whatever you like off there. They will fly together and it will look immense.

This trick also works if you want to perform simultaneous flying moves off the second and then top ropes with tag team partners, and best of all, is doable with three Superstars on the top rope - but to do this you need to redo what you did to get two Superstars up there, and charge again to allow the third up.

11. Set Up A Ladder On The Announce Table


In last year's game, 2K added the ability to set up a ladder from the ring apron to the barricade. Well, they've gone one step further this year and allowed us to set up ladders on the announce table.

While we can't do anything new to our opponent with the ladder on the announce table, it's a side of the ring we couldn't utilise last year so it's nice that we can now!

10. Interactions With The Ring Apron


Moves on the ring apron are nothing new in 2K games. However, new little touches have been added in 2K18, the biggest of which is a secondary swinging move to the LED board on the ring apron after completing a Kevin Owens-esque apron Powerbomb.

But the interaction levels with the ring are up massively in this year's game thanks to things that happen without any special animation. They just happen, as they would with the real-life ring.

Certain moves like Clotheslines and Dropkicks now see the ring come into play when before it wouldn't register. Basically, hit one of those near the apron on the floor and your opponent will be squashed up against the LED board like Michael Cole was against the wall by Heidenreich back in the day.

9. Attacking Certain Superstars During Their Entrance


During certain Superstars' entrances, there are special animations that take place while an attack is going on. The likes of The Rock, Undertaker, Akira Tozawa, Kassius Ohno and Tyler Breeze can all be attacked in special ways that are specific to their respective entrances.

This is one of those entries where you just have to play the game to see what I'm talking about in all its glory I'm afraid.

I'm sure there are more to enjoy, but you'll have to play as every Superstar on the game to find them I guess and that might take a while...

8. Playing As Managers In Tournament Mode


That's a picture of Ted DiBiase from WWE 2K14, I know. As we all know by now there are certain Superstars in the game as managers only who can't be used as playable Superstars in a match. However, if you want to have a match with Superstars like The Million Dollar Man and Paul Heyman, there is a way.

Before you start a tournament, create an unedited Superstar, save a custom championship to their character and then create a 'Gold Rush' for that title.

Head back to 'My Superstar', select the manager you've given the title to and then give them some wrestling gear - we wouldn't want their suit to get dirty, would we? Make sure you hit 'NO' when prompted to use 'as alternative attire'.

Finally, copy over your newly created version of a manager and you're off to the races. 

7. Patch 1.03's Gifts


Those who downloaded this patch got a bit more than they bargained for as along with the customary bug fixes and the like, 2K also mistakenly uploaded all the entrances and music for Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Elias, Lars Sullivan and Ruby Riot - who has since grown an extra 'T'.

I've got to be honest, I haven't checked this out, but there's a chance 2K have removed these entrances with a subsequent patch - it's worth checking if they're all still there though.

6. Freely Explore The Backstage Area In Highlight Reel


Yes, that picture perfectly describes what I'm about to tell you. Sort of.

Exploring isn't really an option when you're walking around backstage in MyCareer mode. Thankfully, there is an alternative that makes walking around the backstage area a hell of a lot more smoother, and allows you to see all the hidden gems and intricate details the developers obviously put so much time into creating.

All you need to do is load up a save clip from a Backstage Brawl in the Highlight Reel, and this should allow you to explore in first person mode. No lagging, just the ability to walk through walls like they're not even there.

5. Unlimited Flaming Tables


Given that this is a glitch in the new game, there is a chance 2K will have eradicated it by the time you read this. Still worth a punt, though.

To get unlimited flaming tables, pull a table out from underneath the ring and set it on fire while you have at least one finisher stored. Put your opponent through it and then head to the Highlight Reel and watch the table ignite once more.

After you've exited the menu screen and go back to the match you should see the once broken table is on fire again. Now, you can go back under the ring and pull out more tables that will already be on fire.

Again, if this unintentional feature has been fixed by the boffins at 2K by the time you read this, I'm very sorry indeed. 

4. How To Make The Ring Collapse


Hey, you might not know. Give me a break. I'm catering to all audiences here.

This is a returning feature that is possible by selecting a big lad with the 'Ring Breaker' and 'Fired Up' monikers attached to their name in the special match action menu. All you need then is three finishers stored up before you Irish Whip your opponent into the corner, hitting the OMG Moment when prompted.

3. Double Title Matches


Again, this is another feature that was in last year's game that some newer players might not know about. I'm sorry if you're experienced and this section of the article is wasting your time.

If you don't know how to set up the proverbial dream match to create the modern-day equivalent of the Undisputed Champion, all you need to do is hit R3 in the corner of the Superstar select screen. Then, press X/A to select the Double Title match option before selecting the pair of titles you want to be on the line.

2. Submissions On The Announce Table


This is an important entry because as Michael Cole has told us on many occasions, submission holds hurt more when they're done on the announce table for some reason.

Again, this is a returning feature from 2K17 that only involves Samoa Joe because it's a finishing combo that activates through one of his OMG Moments. To do it, all you need to do is store two finishers, press R1/RB and Triangle/Y. Then, after he's done hitting his Powerbomb, hit L1/LB which will see The Samoa Submission Machine flip his opponent over for a Boston Crab of sorts. 

1. Sneaky Roll-Ups


We finish with a new feature in this year's game that sees your Superstar able to hit sneaky roll-ups while your opponent is distracted, or even during their offence.

This is done by nailing R2 when prompted. This will see your Superstar reverse a move, or grab the tights of the distracted opponent and hit a pin in one motion, rolling out of the ring quickly after the three-count.

If you happen to find yourself on the receiving end of one of these little blighters, you will see a prompt appear in the corner of the screen giving you the option to retaliate. I'd take the game up on this option because they're bloody infuriating.

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