5 Best Vehicular Assault Moments In Pro Wrestling History

Sammy Guevara wasn't the first victim on last week's AEW Dynamite, and probably won't be the last...

It sure didn't take long for Sammy Guevara's brush with death to go viral, did it? Everything about that moment from the May 6 episode of AEW Dynamite clicked: Matt Hardy's gleeful expression from behind the wheel of the golf cart, gung-ho passenger Kenny Omega's "KILL HIM" death glare, Guevara's futile attempt at escape (Kenny says YOU CAN'T ES--eh, you get it), and the payoff of Sammy getting knocked goofy at the moment of impact. Soon, wrestling fans everywhere were using the still image to create their own metaphors (most common: Guevara is "my plans for 2020" whereas the Golf Cart de la Muerte is "the coronavirus").

Strangely enough, pro wrestling seems to have a celebrated history of wrestlers using vehicles to try and end the lives of their nemeses. It's quite possible that the WWE Performance Center has classes that teach student-wrestlers how to operate construction equipment, drive a stick-shift, etc, for that very idea. I know if Norman Smiley were showing me the finer points of bulldozer usage for homicidal purposes, I'd be taking notes.

In honour of Sammy Guevara's narrow avoidance of the Pearly Gates greeting, let's look at the most memorable attempts to kill someone with a vehicle - in wrestling, anyway.

5. Guevara And The Golf Cart

Guevara hardy omega

The need to curb recency bias prevents me from pushing this up the list any further, but it certainly deserves a spot here. If it stands the test of time, we can definitely slide it up further in the years ahead - which sounds like a weird thing to retroactively tend to.

But yeah, the Inner Circle's "Spanish Sex God" was the victim of one of the most memorable sights from AEW's first year of running shows, and the immediate response to the incident assures it some form of immortality, doesn't it? That was one hell of a spill he took, too.

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