5 Biggest Headlines From WWE Money In The Bank 2020

It was definitely different...

Sure seems like unorthodox cinematic productions in lieu of traditional wrestling matches are going to be the lay of the land for the foreseeable future. The Boneyard and Firefly Fun House matches at WrestleMania may have just been a prelude to what we can expect going forward, with Sunday's Money in the Bank main event another hearty leap in that direction.

Featuring wacky cameos from the McMahons, Brother Love, and Paul Heyman (among others), as well as unique environmental offense, a ton of yuk-yuks, and the apparent murder of both Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black, the stereo Money in the Bank ladder matches ultimately ended the way the more standard ones before them had: with winners - in this case, Otis and Asuka. 

When the two will each cash in their briefcases remains to be seen, if WWE might wager on some form of crowds being restored in time for those moments. But nobody's talking about the future in this aftermath - instead, they're still trying to process that dizzying half hour of madcap insanity.

Here are the headlines from the 2020 Money in the Bank.

5. Bayley's Record SmackDown Women's Title Reign Continues

Bayley tamina

Seven months and counting. Some thought that perhaps, for a lark, WWE would keep the train rolling and have Tamina capture the title, but that really wasn't likely. The match did get a fair bit of time and was competitive, but Bayley ultimately won.

Previous tensions between Bayley and Sasha Banks weren't all that evident here, as Banks diligently interfered to ensure Bayley's win, which came after she reversed a Samoan drop into a crucifix pin. Banks even aided in a beatdown of Tamina afterward.

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