Becky Lynch's Top 5 Moments In WWE

The Man, The Myth...The Man...

From the time she first stepped into a WWE-owned ring at an NXT house show in November 2013, few would've ever guessed that one day, the woman once known as indy standout Rebecca Knox would draw international headlines upon her vacating of one of WWE's Women's titles after a 400-day reign, due to pregnancy. This is not to diminish any of her various positive attributes, but it speaks volumes to the outsized name that she's made for herself.

With a year-and-a-half spent in WWE developmental, and close to five years on the main roster, Becky Lynch has built quite the impressive wrestling legacy, becoming one of the biggest stars (if not the absolute biggest star) on the overall WWE roster, regardless of gender, for a sizeable amount of time.

With "The Man" taking time away to build her family, now's as good a time as any to look back at what she's accomplished during her WWE career to this point. And here's to her adding onto this list on some distant day.

5. Becoming The First SmackDown Women's Champion

Becky lynch

At the dawn of the Women's Revolution, Lynch seemed to take a backseat to contemporaries like Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Paige, and others. The 2016 brand split allowed for Lynch to get a little bit of breathing room on SmackDown, which paid immediate dividends.

More than a year into her main roster run, Lynch finally captured WWE gold by becoming the first-ever SmackDown Women's champion by winning a six-pack challenge at that year's Backlash. In all, she reigned with the belt for just under three months.

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