5 Ideas For Future Dark Side Of The Ring Episodes

The popular series has plenty of material to choose from...

The series isn't always pretty, but that's because it's an accurate reflection of the not-so-clean world that it covers. When Dark Side of the Ring debuted in 2019 on Vice with a six-episode run, viewers were treated to informative documentaries on the unpleasant side of pro wrestling. Through first-hand accounts presented amid dimly-lit re-enactments and moody, tense background music, fans and non-fans alike were afforded a brisk, yet comprehensive, look at Montreal, Bruiser Brody's murder, and other controversies.

Season two is wrapping up after an equally-engrossing 10-episode showcase, covering such infamies as the fall of Chris Benoit, Nancy Argentino's suspicious death, and the unbelievable professional life of Herb Abrams (which itself needs to be a feature-length film). Most regular watchers of Dark Side are likely clamouring for more (I know I am), and a third season is an absolute must.

So what topics should make the cut for a new season of Dark Side of the Ring? There's a lot to choose from, but here would be some of my top choices.

5. Marty Jannetty

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Generally viewed as the "other Rocker" in the shadow of the iconic Shawn Michaels, Jannetty is actually held in high regard by many connoisseurs of wrestling, who believe he was every bit as talented as "The Heartbreak Kid". To them, Jannetty is potential unrealized.

Jannetty's technical skills, cat-like agility, and babyface fire promised more than being the lesser half of a popular tandem. Instead, a predilection for excessive partying, and a seeming record number of comings and goings, served to stunt his professional growth.

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