6 Recent WWE Cruiserweight Champions Who Have Already Left The Company

Could a Cruiserweight Championship reign be considered cursed at this stage?

Is the WWE/NXT Cruiserweight title cursed? Well, we'd have no way of knowing for sure without consulting a shaman or something (and they usually don't advertise). But looking at the title history of a championship that's less than four years old, it's hard to say what's more staggering: that 14 different men have already held the gold, or that six of them have already left the company. That's almost half, you know.

There's even the matter of the current champion being indisposed due to present travel regulations, but this following list is going to focus on the six men who are no longer under WWE contract at all. It's quite an eclectic list of talents, too, and their reasons for leaving are just as varied. Some were unhappy, others were apparently budgetary cuts, and a couple...well, let's just say they ended up in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

As we work to deliver an interim champion for the belt (one who hopefully enjoys a bit of job security), let's examine the six champs that are no longer bound to WWE.

6. Enzo Amore (2 Reigns, 108 Days)

6812 enzo amore

Amore's January 2018 release was definitely unique - he'd been under investigation in the state of Arizona for sexual assault, and had not informed WWE of the investigation (which he, through his attorney, claimed he knew nothing about until the news was made public).

Making the matter a little more awkward was the fact that Amore was presently reigning as Cruiserweight champion at the time the story broke, resulting in WWE deciding to cut loose an active titleholder. The investigation ceased that May due to insufficient evidence.

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