5 Best WWE Wrestlers Of 2020 So Far

Who has been your WWE wrestler of the year so far?

When the dust settled following a very good Royal Rumble pay-per-view, nothing seemed at all amiss. The road to WrestleMania began smoothly enough, and we all seemed to be cruising along nicely, when all of a sudden, road hazards and gridlock aplenty sprung up to hinder the ride. Raymond James Stadium in Tampa was no longer in the cards, and we were forced to settle for the unthinkable: WrestleMania with no fans, held inside of a glorified training facility/TV studio.

Despite this king-sized spanner gumming up the works, WWE has pressed on with Raw, SmackDown, and NXT, while trying to find creative ways around the box that they'd been forced into. Frustrating circumstances be damned, however, as WWE has made the most of the situation, from producing "cinematic" matches that step off the beaten path of empty arena outings, to just simply continuing to produce their content, without thousands in attendance.

So who has stood out the most in these challenging times for the promotion? Paring the list of the best down to five was also a challenge, but here are my picks.

5. Randy Orton

Orton punt kick christian

When Orton's on, he's on, and in 2020, we've seen an inspired "Viper" hold up his end of some compelling moments. Maybe it's the feud with Edge that's brought the best out of Orton once more, or perhaps a precise planetary alignment, but whichever, it's welcome.

Orton's at his best when he's diabolical, sadistic, and unapologetic, and that's what we've seen over the preceding months. Taking Edge out, RKOing Beth Phoenix, attacking Christian, and augmenting it all with some of his best promo work in years. Good work, Randal Randal Keith.

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