5 Big Rumours Ahead Of WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames

All the biggest rumours ahead of the next NXT TakeOver - but how likely are they? We break it down.

NXT TakeOver shows are widely considered very good nights of wrestling. A huge departure from WWE's often convoluted main roster storylines, their simple booking, excellent in-ring action, and sense of cult coolness leave fans and critics raving.

NXT's relative simplicity serves it very well indeed; swerves are less frequent, but when they do occur, they're usually grounded in logic. Efficient, sensibly-paced storytelling is the order of the day - but that doesn't mean TakeOver shows are devoid of shock potential.

Prior to any big WWE event, the internet will inevitably be awash with rumours - and TakeOver: WarGames is no exception. We've seen plenty of speculation from fans, insider websites, and news sources, and now we're going to break it all down and see what could realistically occur.

We've taken the five biggest rumours concerning NXT's Houston spectacular, and now we're going to analyse each in turn.

Determining the viability of wrestling rumours is obviously more of an art than a science, but by looking at NXT's booking over the past few months, sensible guesses can be made.

Who will become the first NXT Women's Champion since Asuka's reign of terror? Will we see a surprise appearance from someone outside of the brand's regular roster? And, perhaps most excitingly, what on earth is going to happen in the first WarGames match in 17 years?


5. NXT Women's Champion Peyton Royce


The NXT Women's Championship match is probably the most unpredictable of the night, given the fact that all four competitors could realistically win. Nikki Cross has the momentum, having been on a tear in recent weeks. Kairi Sane, of course, won the inaugural Mae Young Classic in July. But the favourite of many is Ember Moon, who was reportedly set to take the title from Asuka before the long-standing champion's NXT stint ended due to injury.

Peyton Royce is something of an outsider, despite the presence of Billie Kay at ringside. The Australian is, in kayfabe terms, clearly the weakest of the three - but many have suggested that WWE will give her a run with the title, setting up a classic babyface victory for Kairi Sane or Ember Moon down the line.

Will It Happen? - I'm going to go with my gut on this one, and suggest that yes, Peyton Royce will walk away from TakeOver: WarGames as the new Women's Champion. She, along with Kay, carries a boatload of charisma, and would be an entirely different type of champion in terms of the belt's lineage. NXT haven't shied away from surprising Women's Champions before; just look at Sasha Banks' triumph in 2015, winning a fatal 4-way including the more established Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

4. A British Invasion


Even before Pete Dunne debuted on Raw two weeks ago, talk of him cropping up on a major show was rife. He is, after all, a championship holder in WWE.

After his Raw debut, that speculation kicked into a higher gear - and now we've got people wondering whether Dunne will crop up on the TakeOver: WarGames card unannounced.

Much of this rumour may be fuelled by the fact that he's defending his WWE UK Championship in a taped dark match (which will apparently be released a couple of weeks later), squaring off against Johnny Gargano. If the Bruiserweight's already in town, who's to say he won't appear on the show itself?

Will It Happen? - I don't think so. Although WWE are clearly fully behind Dunne, and believe greatly in his future, TakeOver: WarGames feels to crowded to throw him into the mix. He should win his dark match, though.

3. Velveteen Dream Upsetting Alesteir Black


This one may have seemed ridiculous a few weeks ago, but NXT have made an interesting prospect out of The Velveteen Dream. He seems to have the psychological upper hand in his feud with Aleister Black, a surge of momentum which seems to have a few convinced that he'll be upsetting the Dutchman come TakeOver.

This is despite the fact that Black is undefeated since debuting in NXT, and seemed at one stage to be the next NXT Champion-in waiting. A loss here would be potentially disastrous for Black, but could propel Velveteen Dream to previously unthinkable heights.

Will It Happen? - Nooooooo. Of all the TakeOver: WarGames rumours out there, this one baffles me the most. Yes, NXT have done a great job of building up The Velveteen Dream - and it should serve him will in his next feud - but I can't see this mach as anything other than another obstacle on Black's road to a shot at the NXT Championship.

2. The End Of The Road For Drew McIntyre


As a great admirer of Drew McIntyre, I think it's still fair to say that his NXT Championship run hasn't been quite as explosive as some of his predecessors. Then again, he's not yet got a TakeOver title defence under his belt, having only won the championship at TakeOver: Brooklyn III.

Despite this, many are already calling for the belt to change hands - especially given the intriguing rise of Andrade Almas. Although previously a babyface struggling for momentum, the Mexican's heel turn has made him one of the most interesting Superstars on the brand. Could he triumph, robbing McIntyre of the title at the first time of asking?

Will It Happen? - I'd suggest that this is perhaps the hardest match to call on the entire show. Almas has improved immeasurably in terms of character development - helped, of course, by the charisma of manager Zelina Vega - but I'm not sure if that spells doom for Drew. Purely because he hasn't yet defended the belt on a TakeOver show, and because NXT seem to favour longer title reigns, I'm going to guess that he'll retain.

1. Absolute Main Event Carnage


This one's less of a rumour and more of an informed prediction. Earlier this week, in a media conference call, Triple H revealed that there will be no roof on the WarGames structure - a revamping of the traditional stipulation to suit modern wrestling.

It therefore makes sense that we might expect a terrifying high spot or two come the main event, although Triple H was careful to emphasise that something crazy might not necessarily happen this time around.

Will It Happen? - Maybe. The Game's carefulness to play down the chances of a big dive seems a little like misdirection. We've already seen some scary bumps in NXT bouts such as the ladder match between #DIY and The Authors of Pain, so who's to say the same won't happen in Houston? Don't expect something totally ridiculous, Shane McMahon style - but prepare for a white-knuckle ride all the same.

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