5 Directions For New WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Following WrestleMania 36

Where does the new champ go from here?

When the dust settled following the (understandably) strangest WrestleMania to have ever taken place, there was Drew McIntyre standing tall, holding the most coveted prize in all of professional wrestling. It took less than five minutes of big move spamming between himself and reigning champion Brock Lesnar, but McIntyre's big moves ultimately won out, cementing him as the face of WWE Raw going forward.

And going forward, there are many questions, not the least of which being how WWE is going to put out new content in the coming weeks, with all the shelter-in-place orders and lingering health concerns. That said, when there is once more something resembling normalcy in terms of WWE's programming schedule, what lays ahead for the new titleholder?

Drew McIntyre is a great choice for World champion, but like any champion, he's only as good as his opposition, and the underlying storytelling. So who could be programmed against McIntyre in the months ahead? Scouring the Raw roster, there are some intriguing and sensible names that could occupy the opposite corner during the remainder of 2020, perhaps beyond.

5. The Lesnar Rematch

Brock mcintyre wrestlemania 36

May as well prepare yourself for it now. Lesnar wasn't done with Seth Rollins following WrestleMania last year, though it did take an ill-gotten briefcase for him to remain in Rollins' orbit. While WWE isn't likely to have Lesnar win Money in the Bank two years in a row (you'd think), he's just as likely to prowl somewhere in the fringes, biding his time.

McIntyre vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam has intrigue, especially if there's an actual crowd on hand. While Lesnar is notorious for his abbreviated bouts, one would think he's more likely to give an extensive performance when there's 15,000+ fans on hand, as opposed to busting his ass in an empty gym.

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