5 Things You Probably Don't Remember About WWE SummerSlam 2010

Has it been ten years already?

It's hard not to look back at the 2010 SummerSlam and not see a giant wasted opportunity. Ten years later, it still stings the hide of many fans that The Nexus, in a plum moment to pick up a major victory, fell short to the infallible John Cena, defying the odds (as he's wont to do) in the clutch. The Nexus never really recovered from that ending, even if Wade Barrett did score a "make-up" win over Cena that autumn.

With 10 years of hindsight, the 2010 SummerSlam feels really strange. You've got an opening match between two men who'd battle for the WWE title nine years later, a setup for The Undertaker to feud with Kane almost 13 years after their rivalry began, and 53-year-old Bret Hart as an "active" participant in the main event. Much like present day WWE, reminders of the past and glimmers of a shiny future are plentiful, but in the end, you're left with a feeling of unevenness.

And so, a decade on, we look back at some lesser-known tidbits from the event in question.

5. A Tag Team Match Was Scrapped

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Six matches seems rather paltry for a SummerSlam, and in fact, there were supposed to be seven. Original plans for the show included a women's tag team match pitting Kelly Kelly and former ECW GM Tiffany against Michelle McCool and Layla.

The match was dropped within the week prior, due to Tiffany and then-husband Drew McIntyre having some sort of altercation at a Los Angeles hotel, in which the police got involved. Tiffany was suspended for her role, the match was scrapped, and she was let go in November.

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