5 Times WWE Quickly Rehired Released Superstars

NXT's Drake Maverick isn't the only example. Can you name the Hall Of Famer WWE released for less than one day before rehiring?

The massive wave of WWE talent cuts in April were understandably a rough time for most involved, with one wrestler in particular baring his soul in the immediate aftermath. Shortly after his release, wrestler/manager Drake Maverick spoke tearfully in a video posted online, still trying to get a grip on the devastating news. His pain was felt by many who watched him speak candidly about his apparent exodus from the company.

And yet, Maverick persisted, being kept on just long enough to compete in the Cruiserweight title round robin that he was booked for days earlier. He managed to stay alive despite being "fired", with most speculating that him getting rehired was all but inevitable. Indeed, after losing in the finals to El Hijo del Fantasma, Maverick was publicly re-signed by Triple H. Some were happy to see a nice payoff to the saga, while others (like Lio Rush, who was let go in that same round of cuts) criticized WWE for turning a firing, especially one motivated by finances, into an angle.

Circumstances aside, Maverick's not the first WWE performer to be quickly rehired following a firing. Here are a few others.

5. The Rockers (1989)

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Time gone: Less than one day

During a tour of Europe in October 1989, The Rockers (per Bret Hart's memoirs) got drunk and started destroying chandeliers at a hotel in Brussels. Reportedly, Marty Jannetty was upset because the hotel operator couldn't get a hold of his father, who had just had heart surgery.

This is where accounts slightly differ. Hart wrote that the Jannetty and Shawn Michaels *weren't* fired, but simply had to pay for the damages. TheHistoryofWWE.com, however, writes that they were rehired after a day gone, with paying for the damages the likely compromise.

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