AAA/Big Lucha Show Cancelled After Drug Cartel Threatens To Spill Innocent Blood

The whole fair was cancelled

A Lucha Libre AAA/Big Lucha spot show set for November 10 was cancelled after a local drug cartel warned performers not to show up "to avoid the spilling of innocent blood including theirs."

AAA/Big Lucha were scheduled to hold a major event at the Metepec Fair in Mexico State, Mexico on Wednesday, November 10 with the likes of Psycho Clown, El Hijo del Vikingo and Octagon Jr. set to be in action. 

The whole fair ended up being cancelled, though, after local drug cartel La Familia Michoacana hung banners on overpasses around Metepec aimed at fair promoter Mario Garcia. 

Mexico News Daily revealed the banner read: "Urgent message: We inform all the artists who were going to perform in the Metepec Fair not to perform at that venue, to avoid the spilling of innocent blood including theirs... due to the actions of that bum, the businessman Mario García, they are prohibited from performing. Respect our organization and we will respect your lives. Familia Michoacana." 

A bus carrying members of the band La Adictiva, who were set to perform at the fair, was also attacked by gunfire on Friday, November 5. 

As a result of the threats the whole fair was cancelled and the AAA/Big Lucha show along with it. 

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