Ace Austin Reveals Why He Signed With IMPACT Wrestling

Austin has become one of IMPACT's stars

Since signing with IMPACT Wrestling in early 2019, Ace Austin has become one of the promotion's featured performers. The Ace Of Spades has been on the edges of the world title picture and he has enjoyed two reigns with the X-Division Championship. 

Speaking about his time with IMPACT on the WrestleSlam Podcast, Austin revealed why he opted to sign with the promotion. 

"Absolutely [it's an honor to work with IMPACT Wrestling] and I mean, I had a - I don't know how many people know but I absolutely had a choice in the matter in 2018 and I wanna make sure that people know that like, IMPACT didn't just, you know, pick me out of the bunch as an indie [talent]," Austin said. 

"I was doing really well for myself in 2018 and I had a choice about where I wanted to go and who I wanted to work with and IMPACT showed me the most hospitality and they showed me the best working environment that was out there and that's why I chose to start with IMPACT Wrestling back then just because I could not have thought of a better way to really lay a foundation for myself in this industry and it's done nothing but boost up - you know, people are getting to watch a very organic story right in front of their very eyes, like a story of just a young, hungry kid who wanted to be a pro wrestler, like really fighting and earning it," he continued.

"There's no gimmicks about it, nobody wrote this storyline that you're watching. You just are watching me organically take over the wrestling world."

Austin currently finds himself in the IMPACT World Title picture and he is scheduled to challenge Christian Cage for the gold at Victory Road. If Austin loses to Tommy Dreamer on the September 2 edition of IMPACT, though, Dreamer will be added to the match.

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