Adam Cole Reveals He Would Have Tried His Best As Keith Lee's Manager If He Re-Signed With WWE

Adam Cole would have tried hard as Keith Lee’s manager in WWE

Adam Cole stands as one of the most popular acts in All Elite Wrestling, with Cole currently riding high as ROH World Tag team Champion with MJF, a month after the two headlined All In at Wembley Stadium.

Prior to joining AEW in 2021, Cole was the backbone of NXT. Rumours suggested that Vince McMahon didn’t necessarily see the value of Cole and was preparing to repackage the former Undisputed Era leader as Keith Lee’s manager, before Cole left the company at the expiration of his deal.

When asked about the Keith Lee rumours by Inside the Ropes, Cole insists he would have worked heard to put over the ‘Limitless One’ from the sidelines:

“I think I would have made the exact same decision that I made. I think I would have chose to go to AEW,” said Cole. “There were multiple factors as to why I wanted to go to AEW. First of all, obviously, I’m a huge fan of the product and what AEW is bringing to the table. Secondly, the idea of getting to travel and be alongside Britt (Baker) was something that was really, really important to me. At the time, we were only seeing each other maybe one day a week and at the time, Twitch streaming - it still is - but Twitch streaming is very, very important to me and at the time, WWE was really ‘anti-no-no, you can’t stream on Twitch’. That’s become a second passion of mine and something that I really, really care about so, aside from all those factors and the fact that, again, getting to be around my friends and being a part of AEW and experiencing that. Yeah, so if that was a pitch to me, I think, once again, I would have made the same decision that I did. 

“I would have tried my absolute best, I really would have (tried to make being a manager/getting a haircut work) and that’s actually something I really love about wrestling, when you’re put in challenges or situations where you’re not necessarily comfortable in that role because that’s part of what makes a great pro wrestler and a great performer is being able to adapt and kind of change with what you’re given so, I would have absolutely tried to the best of my ability to make that work. That’s for sure.”

Keith Lee also departed WWE for AEW.

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