Adam Pearce Appears To Take A Dig At Tony Khan Following WWE Money In The Bank

Adam Pearce takes shot at AEW's Tony Khan

WWE Raw General Manager Adam Pearce appears to have taken a dig at AEW CEO Tony Khan, noting in a tweet on X that Jackie Redmond "feared for her life" during Drew McIntyre's rampage on the Money in the Bank post-show. 

"Last night in Toronto was emotionally charged in so many ways. Good and bad. Understatement. I personally apologize for the interruption to the post show and my anger. Poor Jackie feared for her life. Understatement. Decisions to be made regarding McIntyre/Punk. Understatement," Pearce tweeted on Sunday. 

Adam Pearce has since made those decisions, fining both Drew McIntyre and CM Punk, while McIntyre has also been suspended indefinitely for hitting Adam Pearce on the MITB post-show. 

Jackie Redmond fearing for her life was likely a reference to Tony Khan stating after he fired CM Punk in September 2023 that he feared for his life backstage at AEW All In during one of multiple altercations involving CM Punk at the Wembley Stadium show. Khan would reiterate shortly after that he was "scared as hell" at All In because of CM Punk. 

CM Punk's antics in All Elite Wrestling have played into his WWE feud with Drew McIntyre, with 'Irn Dru' using lines from Punk's infamous All Out 2022 media scrum rant and even popping up at Mindy's Bakery. 

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