AEW Commercial Airs During WWE NXT

A war is coming...and shots were fired!

Eagle-eyed NXT viewers in certain parts of the States were surprised to see that AEW had bought commercial time, with the advert airing during NXT's debut broadcast on the USA Network.

Judging by Twitter activity, the commercial aired 27 minutes into the broadcast, a point where the show would no doubt have its highest figures.

One fan tweeted: You know how I know we're in the midst of a pro wrestling war? I just saw an ad on during 's break. What a time to be alive! October can't get here soon enough.'

This isn't the first time this has happened this week, as select markets also got an All Elite Wrestling commercial during Tuesday night's edition of Smackdown Live.

AEW's new show on TNT (rumoured to be called Wednesday Night Dynamite) premieres on October 2nd - in the same time slot as NXT on USA. Many believe that it was a strategy by WWE to put NXT on a bigger platform as counter-programming.

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