Triple H Shares Vince McMahon's Thoughts On First NXT On USA

"He sent me a few texts during the show..."

Triple H held a conference call post-NXT On USA. He started by saying how proud he was of the entire roster and the entire team who put the show together. He then fielded questions on other aspects of the show and NXT as a whole.

On Lio Rush’s in-ring return: “Lio Rush is a phenomenal, energetic, money performer to me and I’m thrilled we can put him in this show and showcase what he does.” 

On Ciampa returning: “He’s getting very close. That last couple of percent to getting to a hundred percent is the most frustrating part for an athlete because you feel like you’re ready to take on the world but you can’t quite. He’s the racehorse right now stomping and pushing at that gate, and when that doctor tells him go, he’s gonna come flying out of there.”

On issues with the WWE Network: “I don’t believe from my understanding it wasn’t a massive widespread thing. Bad news travels fast. I think there was a select grouping of people that couldn’t log in. With the platform comes glitching and issues. I know they’re in the process of figuring it all out.”

On Vince McMahon’s involvement with the show: “I received a bunch of texts from him throughout the day [...] excited and excited to see it, wishing us luck. He sent me a few texts during the show [...] he enjoyed it, he loved it, he thought talent did a hell of a job.  He sent me a massive congratulations after and said he was thrilled with the product. He embraces the difference."

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