AEW Console Game Won't Have A GM Mode

The game will include a campaign and multiplayer modes

All Elite Wrestling announced back in November they had partnered with Yuke's to develop a console game. Kenny Omega noted the game will be inspired by WWF No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling. Hideyuki Iwashita was also hired as an advisor. 

The Best Bout Machine revealed more details about the console game during a recent interview with IGN Japan. He noted a lot is still under discussion but did reveal the game won't feature a GM mode. Fans will instead have to get their GM fix on mobile devices through AEW: Elite GM. 

The console game will include a campaign, multiplayer and "various other unusual modes." 

Omega also noted the development team was aiming to release the game in 2021, but this wasn't an official date as he doesn't want to rush the game on to shelves.

He said: "I don't want to rush it, so I don't want to make a promise [about the release date]. I want the release version to be good."

On gameplay, Omega reiterated that the console game has taken inspiration from WWF No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling. He also mentioned PlayStation 2's King Of Colosseum as another source of inspiration - in particular, the game's finisher system. 

"In America, there are a lot of fans who want a game like WWF No Mercy or Virtual Pro Wrestling, and I hope that we can create something that feels like that, but something a little more speedy, something that allows for today's style, which is a little different than it was 20 years ago. Things are faster and more dynamic now," Omega stated.

He later added: "One thing that I loved about King of Colosseum is that you had the ability to use a finisher right away. And in wrestling, sometimes that happens. First there needs to be momentum, and the ability to build a special. We're still experimenting, so who knows what's going to happen."

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