AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Live Results

Who will walk away with the AEW World Championship...

Welcome to Cultaholic Wrestling's live results for Double Or Nothing 2020 and join us throughout the night as we provide updates from Daily's Place and TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Florida.

Nine matches have been added to the card and the action will begin at 12:30 am BST with The Buy In. The main card will then follow at 1 am. 

The Cultaholic Wrestling Championship is not on the line but Sam Driver (c), Ross Tweddell, Jack King, Tom Campbell, and Adam Pacitti gave their predictions for Double Or Nothing earlier. Check out the video below: 

Best Friends def. Private Party to become the number one contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championships - The Buy In 

Chuck Taylor and Isiah Kassidy started off the match and engaged in some chain wrestling. Trent? and Marq Quen then did the same. 

Both teams took turns in control and Trent? lost his famous headband after Kassidy hit him with Salida Del Sol. Trent? was almost injured a few moments later after Private Party connected with Silly String. The action then descended to the outside as Trent? hit Kassidy with a Spear but Private Party regained control as Quen hit the former Beretta with a Senton. 

Best Friends gained the upper hand after landing a Superplex onto Marq and both Chuck and Trent? took turns working over their opponent. Quen eventually made the hot tag to Kassidy who took out both of his opponents with an Enziguri and a Moonsault. 

Best Friends later connected with Sole Food Combination and gave the people what they want as they hugged in the middle of the ring. Private Party then fought back into the match and gave their own tribute to Shad Gaspard as they hit Chuck Taylor with G9. With Chuck on the outside and Trent? prone in the middle of the ring, Quen landed the Shooting Star Press but couldn't pick up the win as Taylor broke up the pin. 

The beginning of the finish came when Private Party almost won the match after Quen hit a Hurricanrana from the top rope, but Trent? managed to kick out. Trent? then tossed Kassidy to the outside and Best Friends worked together to hit Strong Zero for the win. 

The match included a few botches but Best Friends are the new number one contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. 

Brian Cage def. Darby Allin, Luchasaurus, Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky, Kip Sabian, Orange Cassidy, Colt Cabana, and Joey Janela to win the Casino Ladder match 

Before the pay-per-view began, AEW unveiled the TNT Championship on Twitter. It is already being compared to the WWE 24/7 Championship and the Raw Tag Team Championship belt. 

SCU teammates Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky started off the match. Neither agreed to work together and climb the ladder before anyone else entered for some reason. They also brought ladders into the ring but then tossed them out so they could wrestle. 

Kip Sabian entered third accompanied by Jimmy Havoc and Penelope Ford. Havoc took out both Sky and Kazarian but Sabian didn't try and climb a ladder. Instead, he tried to take out Sky which allowed Kazarian to almost grab the casino chip.

Darby Allin entered fourth and landed all his signature offence. He even tried to do an Ollie onto Kazarian through a ladder but the former AEW World Tag Team Champion rolled out the way, causing The Invisible Man to crash through the structure.

Orange Cassidy entered next and lazily walked to the announce table to ask Excalibur how to win the match. Orange then tried to reach the casino chip but couldn't work out how to grow 10ft or put up a ladder. 

Colt Cabana entered sixth and Boom Boom tried to explain to The King Of Sloth Style how to win the match. He then betrayed Cassidy and threw him out the ring. He got his fingertips on the chip before being thrown off the ladder by SCU. 

Joey Janela entered seventh and immediately hit a Diving Moonsault onto SCU. The Bad Boy got his fingertips on the chip but Frankie Kazarian stopped him in his path. The Bad Boy and SCU then briefly brawled before Sky hit Janela with a steel chair.

Luchasaurus was the eight participant to enter and proceeded to destroy everyone except Darby Allin who was still down injured.   

Brian Cage was revealed as the ninth and mystery participant, accompanied by Taz. He immediately hit Allin with an F5 and annihilated everyone who tried to fight him. 

The Machine almost had the match won but Orange Cassidy dived onto his back and the other competitors joined forces to pull Cage off the ladder.

The other competitors then worked together to trap Cage as they encased him under numerous ladders and a giant casino chip. The brief truce came to an end soon after and Orange Cassidy and Kip Sabian proceeded to battle on a ladder. Cassidy punched Kip off and dropped Penelope Ford onto her Fiance when she tried to interfere. Jimmy Havoc then interfered again as he pulled The Freshly Squeezed One from the ladder. Best Friends took out Havoc, however, but before Cassidy could climb the ladder again, Luchasaurus entered the ring and worked with Marko Stunt to land a Chokeslam on Cassidy.

Janela re-entered the action next and hit Cassidy with a Death Valley Driver onto the casino chip. SCU battled on top of the ladder soon after until Luchasaurus pulled them both down.

Before the dinosaur could win the match, however, Brian Cage woke up and the two big men battled in the centre of the ring until the former Lucha Underground star Powerbombed Luchasaurus onto a ladder. Darby Allin tried to stop Cage but failed miserably as The Machine placed him on a ladder and tossed him to the outside.

Brian Cage then climbed the ladder and grabbed the casino chip to earn a shot at the AEW World Championship. 

MJF def. Jungle Boy 

Wardlow didn't accompany MJF to the ring for an unknown reason.

The two AEW Stars grappled back and forth to start the match. After a few minutes, MJF suddenly fell to the floor in agony and Dr Samson entered the ring to check on him, only for The Salt Of The Earth to spring to his feet and take out Jungle Boy and take control of the matchup. A despicable heel move. 

Friedman worked over his opponent for several minutes until Jungle Boy made his babyface comeback by hitting the deplorable heel with some Kicks, Punches and a vicious Lariat. The two stars then battled back and forth and Jungle Jack hit MJF with two Suicide Dives and a Flying Senton. He next hit Friedman with the Tornado DDT but MJF kicked out at two by placing his foot on the bottom rope. 

The two rivals exchanged chops in the centre of the ring until Jungle Boy locked in the Crossface which almost forced MJF to tap out but Jack had to relinquish the submission because he injured his arm. Both wrestlers then put their bodies on the line as Jungle Boy hit MJF with a Poisonrana on the apron. This was Jungle Jack's chance to win the match as the action eventually spilled to the top rope and he hit a Liger Bomb from the top rope, only for MJF to kick out at 2 3/4. 

The two competitors then grappled back and forth and exchanged near falls until MJF trapped Jungle Boy in a modified European Clutch for the 1-2-3. 

Cody def. Lance Archer to win the TNT Championship 

Mike Tyson brings the TNT Championship belt to the ring. It has not been received well on social media with some comparing it to the WWE 24/7 Championship and others have said it looks cheap. Tony Schiavone did confirm on commentary that the belt isn't finished, however, and its production was slowed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Lance Archer hit the Blackout within 15 seconds of the bell ringing but Cody used his instincts and rolled to the outside. Archer then went for the EBD Claw once the action re-entered the ring but The American Nightmare blocked it. 

Cody tried to land some offence but Archer blocked him at every opportunity until he eventually hit The Murderhawk Monster with a Suicide Dive to the outside. His brief advantage didn't last long as Archer quickly regained control as he flung Cody from the stands back to the ringside area. 

The action entered the ring once again and Archer dominated his opponent for several minutes, connecting with the Murderhawk Moonsault and other manoeuvres before throwing the AEW EVP over the ring post to the floor. 

Mike Tyson was enthralled by the in-ring action as the camera panned to him yawning and then quickly cut back to the ring.

Cody eventually managed to make a comeback as he locked in the Crossface on Archer. Archer made it to the ropes but Cody didn't want to break at five which greatly angered Jake Roberts. Cody added insult to injury as he then hit a DDT on The American Psycho. After Archer recovered and hit a Spinebuster, Cody landed a Cutter from the top rope and hit Archer with the Bionic Elbow and the Final Reckoning. With Lance staggered, Cody connected with Crossroads but Archer powered out at two. As Archer got to his feet in the corner, Cody hit the Stinger Splash but Archer caught The American Nightmare and hit him with a Chokeslam and followed it up with the EBD Claw. 

Arn Anderson then interfered which allowed Cody to land a Reverse Superplex. Referee Paul Turner rushed to the ring and Mike Tyson concurred that both managers should be tossed from the ringside area, leaving both AEW stars to battle it out without any more distractions. Jake tried to sneak back to the ring with his snake but Mike Tyson blocked him. 

Archer then went for a second Blackout but Cody countered into two more Crossroads to pin Archer in the centre of the ring. 

Kris Statlander def. Penelope Ford 

Dr Samson confirmed Britt Baker suffered a serious knee injury and The Role Model will reveal when she expects to return on this week's episode of Dynamite. 

The two women enjoyed early success in the match as Penelope Ford landed her signature offence while Kris Statlander connected with a Suicide Dive, a boop to the nose, and a Superkick. 

Ford hit a weak Stunner soon after which allowed The Galaxy's Greatest Alien to gain the advantage as she hit a Hurricanrana, a Blue Thunder Bomb, and Big Bang Theory for the win.  

Dustin Rhodes def. Shawn Spears 

Shawn Spears came to the ring in a suit and said Dustin Rhodes' career was over. The Natural's music played over the titantron, however, only for Spears to reveal it was all a ruse. 

The Chairman of AEW then ordered Aubrey Edwards to ring the bell and count Dustin out. It only took five seconds before Rhodes' music played again and Dustin appeared behind Spears and beat him down. 

Spears made a quick comeback until Dustin regained control and tore off Shawn's trousers. He then grabbed him by the boxers and spanked him. Yes, you read that correctly. The broadcast then revealed Spears has Tully Blanchard's face on his crotch.

Spears entered the ring in embarrassment which allowed Dustin to hit the Final Reckoning for the 1-2-3.

Hikaru Shida def. Nyla Rose to win the AEW Women's World Championship 

Nyla Rose came to the ring with Shida's kendo stick. She tried to beat her opponent with it but The Comical Ace quickly captured it before losing the weapon back to Rose. The Native Beast proceeded to smash Shida across the abdomen and back with the kendo stick.  

The action spilled to the outside and Rose tossed Shida through the poker table. She then drove a chair into her rival's throat and bullied Shida around the ringside area before tossing her back inside the squared circle. Nyla went for the Beast Bomb but Hikaru blocked it. The Japanese star failed to take advantage, however, and the AEW Women's World Champion quickly regained control of the match. 

Shida did eventually make her comeback as she sent Nyla crashing into the casino sign and slammed her head onto one of the giant casino chips. She then hit Rose with a Running Knee onto a standing casino chip and tossed the champion back into the ring. The Comical Ace beat her opponent with the Kendo Stick for a near fall, but Nyla halted Shida's momentum with a Running Powerslam. 

The champion climbed to the top rope and landed her signature knee for a two count. Nyla looked to put her opponent away as she grabbed a table, draped it across the corner, and Powerbombed Shida through it. 

HIkaru kicked out at two and delivered an Avalanche Falcon Arrow to her opponent for another two count. Rose kicked out at two one more time but Shida cracked Nyla across the face with the kendo stick and connected with the Running Knee Strike for the 1-2-3.

Jon Moxley def. Brodie Lee to retain the AEW World Championship 

Despite only having a three-week build, AEW gave the match a big fight feel as security separated the two competitors before the contest began. 

Brodie Lee controlled the early going after hitting Moxley with some vicious Slams, a Shovel Hook, and a Suicide Dive. The Exalted One followed this up with a Fallaway Slam through a metal barricade. Moxley clawed his way back into the match after landing a Gotch Style Piledriver onto Mr. Brodie. Both stars then hit each other with Dropkicks, and Brodie tried to Powerbomb Moxley onto the steel steps but the champion countered and put the challenger through the timekeeper's table.  

Lee wasn't staggered for long, however, as both wrestler's started fighting back and forth again soon after and Lee battered Moxley with the casino cards at ringside. 

The action entered the ring once again and Lee landed a Liger Bomb for a near fall. Both competitors then crawled to opposite corners and prepared for battle. Moxley got to his feet but fell to the floor within seconds and crawled to the stage. Lee followed and ate a casino chip to the face. The Maestro Of Mayhem then landed the Paradigm Shift through the ramp.

Both wrestlers climbed out of the hole they created a minute later but Lee was bleeding like a stuffed pig. Moxley then hit another Paradigm Shift but Brodie kicked out at one. This only angered the champion who kicked and punched the challenger and hit a third Paradigm Shift. 

Lee powered out again but Moxley locked in the Rear Naked Choke forcing The Exalted One to pass out. 

The Elite def. The Inner Circle 

The Inner Circle entered the match through the away team's tunnel in Inner Circle jerseys while Ortiz and Sammy Guevara adorned Inner Circle helmets. The Elite entered as the home team but their dysfunction continued as Hangman Adam Page didn't enter with his teammates.

The two teams lined up on their 20-yard lines, charged at each other and fought across the American football field. Hangman made his appearance on a horse and stared down Sammy Guevara. The Spanish God ran away like his life depended on it, evidently haunted by the events of three weeks ago. 

The action entered the ring for the first time as The Young Bucks worked over Le Champion, Santana, and Ortiz. Omega and Hager entered the squared circle next and battled back and forth. 

Sammy returned as The Inner Circle took control and all five members of the heel faction prematurely celebrated in the ring before The Elite annihilated Sammy Guevara with a Twist Of Fate, Buckle Bomb, and Dropkicks. 

Both teams then took turns landing Moonsaults onto the field and the action spilled to opposite ends of the gridiron. Matt Jackson used every inch of the field to his advantage as he hit Jericho and Guevara with a Moonsault from the goalpost. 

Hardy, Omega, Santana, Ortiz, and Hager battled into the stands. The broadcast cut to Page who was still riding around the bowels of the stadium looking for Sammy. He climbed off his horse and walked to the bar, unconcerned about the fate of his brothers. 

Santana and Ortiz next put The Cleaner through a stand and almost picked up the win but The Broken One broke up the pin. For his insolence, The Inner Circle members tossed Hardy into the pool and drowned him, only for Hardy to transform into Version 1.0. Matt transformed again into Damascus after Santana and Ortiz thought they had murdered him. 

Damascus fought back and with Ortiz staggered, Matt taped him to a wheelchair. The Broken One and Santana battled through the concessions until Hardy dumped his opponent in an icebox and locked him inside with a stick.

Jake Hager went looking for the Hangman and quickly found him at the bar enjoying an ice-cold whiskey. They both sat down and had a drink together before they started brawling. Kenny came to the aid of his tag team partner and despite Hager's best efforts, the AEW World Tag Team Champions teamwork proved to be too much for Big Hurt as they smashed him across the head with beer bottles and delivered a vicious V Trigger and Buckshot Lariat. 

The broadcast finally cut back to the field as Jericho, Guevara and The Young Bucks continued to brawl. Jericho delivered a Judas Effect to the Jaguars mascot while Matt Jackson delivered a continuous Northern Lights Suplex to The Spanish God, taking him 100 yards. 

They then played into the fact that they're wrestling on a football field as The Painmaker covered Nick after hitting him with Floyd. Aubrey declared it was a two count but Jericho challenged the play and they both reviewed the pinfall under the hood. Matt was also flagged for an excessive celebration after he scored a Northern Lights Suplex touchdown. Jericho was then put out of commission as Nick leapt from the stands and connected with a hellacious splash. 

Sammy woke up from his slumber to find he was the last Inner Circle member standing. Round two of Sammy vs. The Golf Cart soon followed as Omega and Hardy tailed him the length of the field. Sammy escaped into the stands but was quickly surrounded by The Elite. With The Spanish God cornered, Kenny hit him with a V Trigger and landed a One-Winged Angel from the seats to the floor. 

Omega then covered his rival for the 1-2-3 and The Elite revelled in their victory as the show went off the air. 



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AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Results

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