AEW Double Or Nothing 2021 Results

Stadium Stampede II, Shida vs. Baker, and much more

It's Sunday night, and you know what that means - AEW: Double or Nothing 2021. AEW's first PPV since the controversial Revolution back in March, and the first with a significant live crowd since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, Double Or Nothing was a lively affair, with all of AEW's major titles on the line, as well as the return of the Stadium Stampede match. Check out the full results below:

Serena Deeb (c) vs. Riho - NWA Women's World Championship - The Buy In

Loud duelling chants as the match kicked off, before Deeb rebuffed Riho’s handshake and slapped her hard across the face. Deeb worked aggressively as Riho used her speed to keep the champ at bay. Deeb worked over Riho, working towards the Serenity Lock, and took many liberties with the rules along the way.

Riho fought her way back into the bout with her patented Double Stomp, and got a nearfall with a 619. A second Double Stomp missed its target and allowed Deeb back into the bout, working over Riho’s knees and nailing a huge powerbomb for two. Riho had another flurry of offence but could not capitalise due to the damage to her knees, and eventually Deeb locked in the Serenity Lock and retained the title.

Hangman Page vs. Brian Cage

Page started off with a head of steam as loud ‘cowboy s***’ chants rang out throughout Daily’s Place as Hangman looked for a measure of revenge after his run-ins with Team Taz as of late. An early tope set Cage reeling, but The Machine caught a second one, and powerbombed Page into the ringpost. The two fought in and around the ring, with Hangman hitting a huge diving moonsault to the outside, and sending Cage flying with a top rope Frankensteiner back in the ring. 

Both men enjoyed spells in control, with Cage planting Hangman with a vertical suplex off the apron onto the elevated entrance ramp and a form of a top rope F5. Cage was unleashed, hitting a high angle German suplex and several powerbombs, but could not get the three. Ricky Starks and Hook came out to distract the ref and hand Cage the FTW Title, but The Machine threw it back, wanting to win of his own accord. But as soon as he did Page nailed the Buckshot for the win.

Hangman celebrated with a beer and headed to the back as Team Taz argued in the ring.

The Young Bucks (c) vs. Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston - AEW World Tag Team Championship

Bruiser Brody vibes as Mox and Kingston came through the crowd throwing whatever they could get their hands on before grabbing The Young Bucks’ Dior Air Jordans. Mox and Eddie wasted no time, jumping The Jacksons as they were mid-pose in-ring. This quickly turned into an all out brawl around the arena, with Mox and Eddie hitting the Violent Crown on Brandon Cutler in the ring, before the match officially began.

It didn’t take long for The Bucks to isolate Kingston and hit some tandem offence, hitting quick tags and gloating after every little thing. The Bucks’ showboating got the better of them, allowing Eddie to tag in Mox. The Good Brothers came out for the distraction but were fought off as Elite hunter Frankie Kazarian ran out to even the odds. The Young Bucks hit a huge Meltzer Driver onto a bleeding Moxley on the ramp, and later mocked The Shield while teasing a double powerbomb, but it woke Moxley up who hit some huge germans before tagging in Kingston. A Dior assisted Doomsday Device nearly did the job for Mox and Kingston, as did a huge Paradigm Shift onto Matt Jackson. Superkick Party got a one count as Moxley looked incensed, but four stiff BTE Triggers later and The Young Bucks retained the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

The Casino Battle Royale

A couple of substitutions before the entrances, with Serpentico replacing an injured Blade, and Aaron Solow replacing QT Marshall. Clubs were out first, led by Christian Cage, as Matt Sydal, Powerhouse Hobbs, Dustin Rhodes, and Platinum Max Caster rounded out the group. 

Sydal was the first eliminated, somehow having a worse Casino Battle Royale outing than his debut. Suite two soon joined the fray - The Diamonds; Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy, Dark Order’s 10, Nick Comoroto, and Serpentico. Hardy and Kassidy tried to jump 10, to little avail. Dustin eliminated The Factory’s Comoroto, but the heavyweight got revenge with Rhodes’ cowbell.

Christian and Hardy faced off as The Hearts joined; Varsity Blonds, Colt Cabana, Anthony Bowens, and a Joker inspired Penta el Zero Miedo. Next up suit four joined - The Spades; Jungle Boy, Marq Quen, Aaron Solow, Evil Uno, and Big Shotty Lee Johnson. 

The eliminations were thick and fast throughout the bout, including Jungle Boy dispatching Penta and Christian eliminating Hobbs, as everyone was anticipating the final entrant - Lio Rush. Rush ran riot as huge Lio chants rang out, but the odds weren’t in Rush’s favour as The Hardy Family Office eliminated him, leaving Hardy and Private Party alone with just Christian Cage and Jungle Boy. Cage and JB got rid of Private Party, Cage got rid of Big Money Matt, and we were down to the final two.

Chants rang out for both Cage and Jungle Boy, but the crowd on the whole were behind Jungle Boy. Both men ended up teetering on the apron, with Jungle Boy getting the decisive win catapulting Cage from the inside over the top and to the floor. Post match Jurassic Express celebrated with Jungle Boy as the crowd sang along to his music, before Cage embraced him and told him to go out and win the AEW World Championship.

Anthony Ogogo vs. Cody Rhodes

A short video thanking armed forces veterans aired before Match Four - Rocky IV, as Anthony Ogogo took on The American Dream Cody Rhodes. Cody had the upper hand initially before Ogogo nailed the gut punch and an Olympic Slam for two. Cody tried to take Ogogo’s right arm out of action, but the Olympic hard-nut wouldn’t stay down, nailing some high impact offence on Rhodes before flipping off the crowd. QT Marshall nailed Cody as the ref was distracted, but was chased away by a chair wielding Arn Anderson before inflicting any real damage.

Both Rhodes and Ogogo were feeling the pain, as Ogogo bled from above his notoriously volatile eye. Rhodes took advantage and worked on Ogogo’s face, nailing the Cody Cutter as he built up momentum. Rhodes set Ogogo up for the superplex but ate another gut punch, before Ogogo hit a pitch perfect frog splash for two. Cody went for Crossrhodes, but Ogogo wriggled out, hit a gut punch and a crisp uppercut, but Rhodes just would not stay down. Huge vertebreaker from Cody got the three count. 

Miro (c) vs. Lance Archer - TNT Championship

Archer nailed a massive dive as Miro was making his entrance, as tonight’s hoss fight got underway. As the bell rang, Archer nailed a rope walk moonsault for one, as Miro took it outside. Archer put Miro through a table before the two battled over the crowd rail. Back in ring Archer looked to be in control, but Miro soon took the reins, and nailed the Murderhawk with several huge kicks to the chest.

Miro was firmly in control as Jake Roberts made his entrance with Damian, however Miro cut him off and threw the snake bag down the ramp before eating an absolutely humongous chokeslam from Archer. Miro escaped a Blackout attempt, regained control, and snapped in Game Over, grapevining the hold as Archer blacked out. 

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Britt Baker - AEW Women’s World Championship

Shida was emotional as she made her entrance, finally getting to put the AEW Women’s World Title on the line in front of a capacity crowd, a year after winning the gold at Double or Nothing 2020. Big fight feel for this match, and the crowd were well up for it as the competitor’s went face-to-face, the action starting fast as both women looked for control while duelling chants broke out.

The two were evenly matched as the bout built slowly, before an aggressive Shida launched Baker into the crowd rail before nailing Baker and Rebel (not Reba) with a big crossbody splash. Baker soon went for the glove as she wanted Lockjaw, but she’d have to wait as Shida avoided it. Shida crushed Britt with several knee strikes as she worked more aggressively, wanting to make an example of Britt. Both women enjoyed spells in control, as the crowd continually made noise. Shida went for the Stretch Muffler, but was distracted by Rebel. An errant crutch shot hit Baker, but that and a follow up Falcon Arrow couldn’t do the job for Shida. Baker nailed a massive curb stomp onto the title for two as Rebel was ejected from ringside, and soon Baker locked in the Lockjaw for the tap out win, finally getting her hands on the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Post match Baker gave a big hug to Tony Schiavone as the crowd roared.

Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Video time from Darby as he bomb dropped into a drainage ditch, before taking a ride in Sting’s Cadillac as The Icon proclaimed “It’s showtime”.

Darby instantly nailed Page with the cannon ball tope, as Sting took care of Scorpio Sky. Sting took a suplex on the entrance ramp but no sold it, as he launched Scorpio and hit a huge crossbody off the poker chips onto Sky and Page - all before the ringbell. Match underway, Sting and Darby started hot, but soon Sky and Page wrestled control from them, isolating Darby and ragdolling him all over the ring. The crowd erupted when Darby tagged in the Stinger, but turned to boos when the tag was denied by ref Aubrey Edwards.

Shades of Bam Bam Bigelow and Spike Dudley as Ethan Page absolutely launched Darby from the ring to the front row, with Allin landing on his brothers in the front row. Allin is hard as nails though, and eventually got back to his feet to make the hot tag to the Stinger, who ran wild with Stinger Splashes and a Code Red. Darby tagged back in, but Sky and Page were one step ahead. Sting got Page in the Scorpion Deathlock, Sky got Darby in the Heelhook, as Darby and Page clawed and slapped each other, as Aubrey Edwards fought to restore order. 

Sky went for the Scorpio Cutter on Sting, but Stinger caught him and nailed the Scorpion Death Drop for the win. Sting looked great in his first 'proper' in-ring bout for six years.

Kenny Omega (c) vs. PAC vs. Orange Cassidy - AEW World Title Three Way Match

Big fight introductions once more, with Omega absolutely dripping in gold. Kenny sent Cassidy packing so he could focus on PAC, but Freshly Squeezed slowly came in for some lackadaisical pinfall attempts, before nailing a double Frankensteiner and unloading on Omega and PAC. 

All men had spells in control, with Omega in particular looking dominant, taking out his opponents with a huge Terminator tope. Cassidy took the lion’s share of the punishment from both Omega and PAC, as The Bastard and The Belt Collector went at each other like crazed dogs. Omega dished out several V Triggers as the tension built, but as he went for an Avalanche Dragon Suplex, OC got his hands in his pockets, as PAC German Suplexed Omega. Cassidy hit a pocketed Senton on PAC to the outside, but Omega dropped Freshly Squeezed with a Tiger Driver for a close two.

Omega decimated Cassidy, but OC stayed defiant, packing his hands into his pockets as he collapsed, before dropping Omega with a Michinoku Driver. Omega climbed to the top with PAC on his shoulders looking for an avalanche One Winged Angel, but ate a sit out powerbomb, and soon an Avalanche Falcon Arrow as OC ran in to steal the pin, only mustering a two count.

PAC got a super-close two on OC after a Black Arrow, but Omega broke it up before avoiding a Black Arrow himself. Omega went for One Winged Angel on PAC but The Bastard locked in The Brutaliser, before Orange Cassidy broke it up with Orange Punch and a Beach Break on Omega for another close two. Cassidy nailed Orange Punches on PAC and Omega as Don Callis yelled ’s***’ on commentary sensing the title was in jeopardy. As OC nailed another Orange Punch on PAC, Callis pulled the ref out of the ring, as loud ‘f*** you Don’ chants rang out.

PAC locked The Brutaliser in on Orange Cassidy as Omega stamped on PAC to try break it up. PAC wouldn’t relinquish the hold, so Omega KO’d the ref, then laid out PAC with the IMPACT Title, the AAA Mega Championship belt, the TNA Title, and the AEW World Title, before eating yet another Orange Punch. A second ref ran out as Cassidy made the cover, but Omega reversed it into one of his own and squeaked the win.

Tony Schiavone announced AEW's newest signing; The World's Strongest Man Mark Henry who will join AEW's ever expanding broadcast team.

The Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle - Stadium Stampede II

MJF emerged from a stretch limo and cut a promo on Jericho from the TIAA Bank Field, before The Inner Circle rappelled down the scoreboard like Rainbow Six. MJF retreated to the stretch as Inner Circle swarmed, before The Pinnacle and Tully Blanchard turned up in FTR’s truck.

Both teams started brawling on the field, as Spears and Guevara made their way to a specially erected ring on the turf. Jericho and MJF exchanged insults before brawling, as MJF fire extinguished Le Champion before running away. The two leaders brawled in a backstage green room, using coffee, platters of meat, telephones, and whatever they could get their hands on to beat the hell out of one another. Jacksonville Jaguars staff gave Jericho a laptop and pigskins to beat on MJF with, as Jericho was firmly in control.

Elsewhere, Jake Hager and Wardlow were teeing off on one another in the food storage unit, fighting into a giant freezer as Wardlow attempted to stab Hager with an icicle, before spearing him through a wall.

Spears enticed Guevara into a chair storage unit, before the two fought into a hallway, with Guevara hitting several kicks off of a forklift. Shades of the nWo as Spears lawndarted Guevara into a garage door, as Tony Schiavone reminisced on commentary. Referees followed all warring participants, as Sammy went for a choke on Spears for a submission win. Spears fought out, handcuffed Sammy to a storage rack and walked off, without realising there were some bolt cutters near the Spanish God.

In a bar, Santana and Ortiz bottled some random patrons, before meeting FTR for shots as Konnan manned the decks. The two teams battled all over the dance floor, and as Tully went to hit Ortiz with a pipe, Konnan made the save, as Proud and Powerful beat down Blanchard. FTR rushed in, with Cash Wheeler throwing bottles at Ortiz, before Santana beat him into an elevator.

Wardlow and Hager kept at it in the storage area, with Hager chokeslamming Mr. Mayhem off of a cart through a crate, as the camera cut back to Jericho and MJF. Jericho nailed MJF with a Shahid Khan cardboard cutout, before MJF focused on Jericho’s injured arm. Jericho came back, stapling a thank you card to MJF’s forehead, but MJF came back with a piledriver on a meeting table for a two count. The two fought through the office hallways, where Jericho launched MJF through a door window.

Spears was backstage looking for Tully but was chased off by the Inner Circle Motorcycle Club, as Jericho and MJF fought their way into the crowd at Daily’s Place, with Jericho powerbombing MJF through a power box. Guevara chased Spears and ran him down with a golf cart in Daily’s Place, as the two fought towards the main ring. Spears utterly pelted Guevara with a chair for two, but Sammy popped up and nailed a GTH, curb stomped Spears into a chair, and nailed a 630 for the win. The Inner Circle win, and remain a faction. Pyro went off as the five men stood in celebration in the ring as Double or Nothing 2021 went off the air.

Full results:

• The Inner Circle def. The Pinnacle - Stadium Stampede
• Kenny Omega (c) def. PAC & Orange Cassidy - AEW World Championship Three Way Match
• Sting & Darby Allin def. Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page
• Britt Baker def. Hikaru Shida (c) - AEW Women’s World Championship
• Miro (c) def. Lance Archer - TNT Championship
• Cody Rhodes def. Anthony Ogogo
• Jungle Boy won the Casino Battle Royale
• The Young Bucks (c) def. Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston - AEW World Tag Team Championship
• Hangman Page def. Brian Cage
• Serena Deeb (c) def. Riho - NWA Women’s World Championship - The Buy In

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