AEW Double Or Nothing 2024 Results

All the results from AEW Double Or Nothing 2024

It’s Double or Nothing time, with All Elite Wrestling holding the sixth instalment in the DON series in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena - the scene of the inaugural Double or Nothing in 2019. Five years in and AEW is a very different beast to the one that snapped into life in 2019, but their pay per view output remains as stellar as ever.

With most of the major AEW singles titles on the line, plenty of scores to settle, and a couple of surprises, we have all the results from AEW Double or Nothing 2024 after the jump.

Deonna Purrazzo def. Thunder Rosa - Buy In Pre-Show

Loud duelling chants as this one kicked off with Purrazzo getting on the wrong side of Thunder Rosa from the off, with the former AEW Women’s World Champion enjoying the upper hand in the opening exchanges. Big baseball slide sent Deonna reeling, but Purrazzo quickly recovered and took control. Purrazzo worked over Rosa’s arm, looking to weaken it for the Venus de Milo, but Rosa kept coming back, both competitors floored with a double clothesline as the crowd stayed loud. Rosa went up top but ended up caught in the Tree of Woe, with Purrazzo following up with a big shoulder tackle for a two. Big roaring elbow by Rosa got a two count, but a follow-up Tijuana Bomb attempt was turned into a Fujiwara Armbar by ‘The Virtuosa’. Rosa fired back with a backstabber into a grounded Cobra Clutch, but Purrazzo rolled through into a pinning predicament, and with some added rope leverage got the sneaky win out of nowhere. Purrazzo gloated on the ramp as Thunder fumed in the ring.

Lexy Nair caught up with The Acclaimed backstage who hyped up their forthcoming match with Cage of Agony.

Renee Paquette was then joined on the stage by Dr. Martha Hart and Tony Khan. Dr. Hart announced that it was the 25th anniversary of the Owen Hart Foundation, before TK revealed that the winners of the men’s and women’s 2024 Owen Hart Foundation Cup Tournaments will get world title shots at All In, with the finals of the tournaments coming on July 10 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

The Acclaimed def. Cage of Agony - Buy In Pre-Show

Chance the mascot of the Vegas Golden Knights was introduced prior to this one. Max Caster’s pre-match freestyle  covered the size of Brian Cage’s… you know, as well as getting freaky with toes. Naturally.

Bishop Kaun and Caster started off, with the crowd taunting Kaun after Caster said he still didn’t know his name. Laun peppered Caster with strikes until Billy Gunn tagged in and demanded Brian Cage faced him. Interesting fact for tonight; this is only the second ever PPV in wrestling history to occur on Sunday May 26 with the previous being WWF In Your House Beware of Dog in 1996 - both shows featuring Billy Gunn on the pre-show. Wonderful stuff. Gunn himself looked better than ever as he squared up to Cage, posing and flexing on the former TNA World Champion before telling him to ‘suck it’.

This match soon became an all-out brawl as all six men fought around the ringside area, with Cage of Agony firmly in control. Anthony Bowens had his taped leg pinned behind the steel steps, with Toa Liona launching Gunn into said steps, Bowens writhing in pain afterwards. Caster was left alone against the three massive brutes, Cage deadlift suplexing ‘Platinum’ from the apron off the second rope and into the ring. Caster suffered at the hands of the former ROH Trios Champions, before getting the hot tag to ‘Daddy Ass’ who ran wild. Fameasser attempt was thwarted by a Toa Liona shoulder barge. A resurgent Caster was cut down before COA hit a triple powerbomb on Billy Gunn, Anthony Bowens coming out of nowhere to break the pin. 

Brian Cage grabbed a chair but was stopped by Chance the mascot, allowing Max Caster to hit Cage with a Fameasser on the floor as Billy Gunn got a roll-up on a distracted Kaun for the three, Kaun in disbelief at taking the L after dominating the bout. Chance then joined The Acclaimed for a scissor party which was nice of them.

Will Ospreay def. Roderick Strong (c) - AEW International Championship

Don Callis joined commentary for this one, the Vegas crowd giving Ospreay a heroes welcome. Ospreay went for a Hidden Blade off the bat, but Roddy avoided it as the bell rang. Ospreay sent The Kingdom’s Mike Bennett and Matt Taven into the crowd, then hit them with a somersault Senton off the railing as Strong looked for an opening. Ospreay and Roddy then brawled on the floor and into the ring as the crowd threw their support behind ‘The Aerial Assassin’. With the ref distracted, Bennett got Ospreay in an Electric Chair on the floor as Taven awkwardly flew from the ring with a clothesline, Ospreay looking to have landed on his forehead on the landing from the improvised Doomsday Device. Strong then followed up with stomps and firmly took control of the bout, focusing his attacks on Ospreay’s head as well as his back. Handspring corkscrew kick by Ospreay got him some breathing space, but it was momentary as Wardlow came out of nowhere to cause mayhem. Powerbomb attempt by Wardlow was thwarted as Ospreay alerted the ref, then followed up a Cheeky Nandos to Roddy then a skytwister press onto the  Undisputed Kingdom on the floor as ref Bryce Remsburg ejected Roddy’s allies. 

Ospreay got some momentum, hitting Roddy with kicks and a Perfectplex for two. Ospreay again went up top but Strong had him scouted momentarily, but Ospreay missed a Spiral Tap and jammed his knee on the landing. Strong scouted the Hidden Blade and rolled through into a Lance Storm Calgary Crab, before locking in the Texas Cloverleaf. Although Ospreay soon grabbed the ropes the damage was done, Roddy following up with a series of strikes and a wrestling takedown for two. Superplex into an elevated backbreaker for two from Strong, but a follow-up running boot was scouted and turned into a desperation Ligerbomb by Ospreay. Standing strike exchange into some crisp counter wrestling, with Ospreay getting the exclamation point with an Oscutter for two. The ref checked on Strong as Ospreay looked exasperated, Don Callis coming to the ring imploring Will to use the Tiger Driver 91 as Roddy was “going to the hospital anyway”. Ospreay shoved the ref aside and locked in the arms to a big pop, but couldn’t pull the trigger, allowing Roddy to hit a backbreaker, gutbuster, and the running single leg dropkick… for a two count.  Roddy rocked Ospreay with a knee, but Ospreay avoided the End of Heartache to hit a snap Hidden Blade and the Storm Driver for the three and the AEW International Championship.


An unannounced Adam Cole came to the ring for a little story time. Cole told the Vegas crowd they suck and complained about being disrespected despite everything he’s been through in the past two years. Cole then puled the Devil mask out of his back pocket as the lights momentarily went out. A video on the screen showed a long hallway in a house leading into an MJF themed room before the camera operator showed a rip pic of MJF and Cole. MJF’s theme then hit as the former AEW World Champion returned dressed in the classic Triple H denim vest leather jacket combo to a massive pop, Max coming face to face with Cole in the ring and sharing a hug with his former best friend before kicking him square in the crotch. MJF then hit a sheerdrop brainbuster on Cole.

MJF took the mic to disparage Cole before asking someone to come ‘get this s***stain out of my ring’. MJF revealed that he’s never going to trust anyone again after what Cole did to him, and Cole didn’t take MJF out he woke him up. MJF reminded the crowd who he is with his catchphrase then said he didn’t need ‘New Japan or Vince McMahon’ to make MJF because ‘MJF made MJF’. MJF said he’s going to be driven by hate instead of love and that nobody is safe, as he took the Devil mask in his hand. MJF said masks are for cowards who want to hide, then said he’s done hiding and apologising for being the best, before putting himself over. MJF then stomped on the mask then did his best Ric Flair with a strutting elbow drop onto the mask. Max then brought up his contract status before revealing he has an AEW poker chip tattoo on his achilles with ‘Bet on Yourself’ written around it. MJF then channelled Jordan Belfort by declaring he ‘AIN’T F****** LEAVING’ to a massive pop.

Bang Bang Gang (c) def. Death Triangle - Unified World Trios Championships

A grumpy looking PAC started things off with some lovely hip-tosses on The Gunns, but couldn’t get his hands on Jay White, with the animosity between the two men ramping up over the past several weeks. Death Triangle were out of the traps with several quick tags and tandem offence, the three men combining to pepper Colten Gunn with pinpoint strikes before Penta hit a top rope dropkick to Austin Gunn’s… taint. Penta and Fenix then crushed The Gunns with tandem dives as White and PAC tangled in-ring. White spiked PAC with a nasty DDT with a follow-up neckbreaker earning him a two-count. The BBG then took their turns to assault ‘The Bastad’, but PAC soon got the tag to Penta who chopped The Gunns up a storm. Rey Fenix then hit the rope run PK on Austin Gunn then a shoulder stand splash off of his brother for two as Jay White broke the cover. Penta hit a twisting fireman’s carry driver on ‘Switchblade’ for two before PAC came in to get in White’s face.

PAC drilled White with a rebound German Suplex, then all hell broke loose, all six men hitting high energy signatures, White planting Fenix with his gorgeous Urinage as all men lay wiped out in the ring. PAC went for the Black Arrow but was thwarted by Colten Gunn, PAC regaining his composure to hit the ‘Ass Boys’ with German Suplexes before Death Triangle ran riot on White, Lucha Bros hitting the assisted Fear Factor on White. PAC went up top for the Black Arrow when Juice Robinson returned from injury to launch PAC from the top, White hitting Blade Runner to successfully retain the titles.

Toni Storm (c) def. Serena Deeb - AEW Women’s World Championship

Standing grappling started this one off, before Storm attempted some mind games by sniffing Deeb’s neck. The ‘Professor’ followed up by tying the champ up in knots like Johny Saint, but soon found herself on the floor after taking the ‘hip’ off the apron. Deeb gave as good as she got, sending Toni to the floor, before bringing her back into the ring and again tying the champ up in knots, Storm getting the rope break with her teeth - the only thing she had free at the time. Deeb focused on Storm’s knee with a pair of Dragon Screws, provoking the champ by asking her to try and hit her in the face. Several pin attempts came for both competitors before Storm levelled the playing field with a big thudding headbutt, both women hitting the deck as a result. 

The champ regained her composure to hit Deeb with a rope hung backstabber, before a DDT rolled into a Perfectplex for two. Storm then locked in a submission Deeb, causing damage to ‘The Professor’s knee. An enraged Deeb then unloaded on Storm with a flurry of strikes, a big diving clothesline, then the spinning snap neckbreaker in the middle of the ring. The crowd were firmly behind Toni Storm throughout, but Deeb didn’t care, hitting a rebound German suplex and a Pepsi Twist for two. Luther and Mariah May looked on worriedly at ringside as champion and challenger exchanged strikes, Storm coming out on top with a Sky High for two. Storm went for the corner hip attack but was met by Deeb, who rolled through into a single leg crab.

Deeb hit a knee to the face then again went for the crab, smashing Storm’s knee in as Mariah May went to throw in the towel. Luther stopped Mariah in time as Storm grabbed the rope break, but Storm thought Luther was trying to throw in the towel, reprimanding her butler before folding Deeb in the ring with a high angle German suplex. Deeb distracted Storm with double birds as the champ again went for the corner hip, but Toni regrouped to hit Storm Zero - for two. Three deep Dragon Screws by Deeb, then an arm tied pancake on the apron, and a second in the ring… but could only get a two. A frustrated Deeb went up top but was met by the champ, Storm hitting a super Storm Zero, then a regular one in the middle of the ring for good measure. 1-2-3, and the reign of our ‘Timeless’ champ continues. Storm collapsed on the ramp and cavorted with Mariah May as confetti rained down from on high.

Orange Cassidy def. Trent Beretta

Trent waited in the ring as Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Jane’ played, only for the theme to abruptly cut out as Pixie’s ‘Where Is My Mind’ came through the PA system, OC coming out in an uncharacteristic black t-shirt. Bell ring and hockey fight between the former allies, Trent coming out on top after striking OC in the throat. Cassidy regrouped to repeatedly smash Beretta’s head into the turnbuckles, then rocked the former best friend with a Tornado DDT and a tope suicida as the crowd chanted in Cassidy’s favour. Trent was in no mood to fight fair, raking Cassidy’s face and again targeting his former friend’s throat. Trent continued his methodical beatdown of Cassidy, yanking the former International Champion from the top rope into a Saito suplex before sitting in the ring and thinking about his actions.

The crowd chanted ‘A**hole’ at Trent as he continued striking Cassidy around the ring, but Orange started to fire up, putting his hands in his pockets… but Trent fired up himself and laid some stiff strikes into Cassidy’s jaw. Sloth style activated as OC hit the pocket dropkick and some withering corner kicks before firing up to stomp a mudhole and hit a running dropkick on Beretta. The two jockeyed for position on the apron, Trent coming out on top with a Gotch style piledriver as Cassidy crumpled onto the floor. Trent set Cassidy up for a piledriver on the steel steps, but Cassidy sent Trent reeling into the stairs back first, then hit Beach Break on the floor. Back in ring, Cassidy faked a hug to hit a Michinoku Driver and a PK, but Trent regrouped to hit a half Nelson suplex, a big time lariat, and a Storm Zero for a two-count. Trent mockingly went for a hug but ate another Beach Break for two, but scouted a follow-up Orange Punch to hit a codebreaker. As Trent went for the gogoplata Cassidy vaulted off the rope to capture Trent into a pin for the three count out of nowhere as Trent looked disgusted in the corner.

Trent walked off up the ramp as Rocky Romero ran out to check on Beretta. Renee Paquette attempted to get an interview but Trent said he’s done, then left through the crowd.

Chris Jericho (c) def. HOOK & Katsuyori Shibata - FTW Championship

The ‘For the World’ Championship on the line, with Chris Jericho making a beeline for HOOK before chopping Shibata. HOOK came back with high angle suplexes on both men before setting up a table on the floor, as Shibata booted both Jericho and Hook off the apron. Jericho then grabbed a black bag from  under the ring, then poured hundreds of dice into the ring. HOOK and Shibata both hit suplexes on ‘The Learning tree’ before throwing dices into his head, then a double backdrop driver onto Jericho into the dice. HOOK suplexed Shibata, then ate a belly-to-belly himself from ‘The Wrestler’.

All three men grabbed kendo sticks as Jericho attempted to beat his opponents to no effect before eating several kendo stick shots, Shibata then levelling HOOK before bring a second table into the ring. HOOK hit a Northern Lights suplex on Jericho then lay the champ on the table before heading up top, Shibata meeting HOOK up top and hitting a diving Spicolli Driver on HOOK onto Jericho, but the table did not break as Maffew sighed somewhere. Shibata then launched Jericho through the table because why not. Shibata caught Jericho in an Indian Deathlock and HOOK in an ankle lock concurrently, but HOOK fought back. Jericho Codebreaker for two on HOOK, but the former FTW Champion fired back and locked in RedRum as Big Bill came in for the save out of nowhere. Bill went for a chokeslam off the apron on HOOK, but the big man ate a t-bone off the apron through a table, Bill narrowly missing the metal legs as they pierced through the wood. In ring Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho, but Shibata rolled through into a Figure Four leglock as HOOK came in with a RedRum on the champ. Suddenly a masked man ran in with a trash can to assault Shibata before unmasking, with Bryan Keith appearing to be in cahoots with Jericho. HOOK sent ‘The Bounty Hunter’ packing before eating a Judas Effect, as Jericho got the pin on Shibata (still in the bin) to retain the title.

As Jericho made his way up the ramp an enraged HOOK started launching security guards all over the place.

Jon Moxley (c) def. Konosuke Takeshita - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Eliminator

A heavily bandaged Jon Moxley was showing the effects of Takeshita’s recent attack, with ‘The Alpha’ focusing again on the IWGP Champ’s left arm as the bell rang on this one. Takeshita methodically wore Mox down, but ate a stiff forearm smash when taking too long posing on the top rope. Mox found himself in trouble when Konosuke hit a nasty arm wringer on the apron, but fired back to brawl with Don Callis’ main charge at ringside. Takeshita pinned Mox’s arm behind a chair and stamped it into the crowd wall, then threw the champ into the stairs. This was a methodical systematic destruction of Mox’s arm, but the champ was never going to quit, nailing several chops before eating one hell of a forearm smash. Deadlift brainbuster from a seating position by Takeshita, but mocking slaps only fired Moxley up who hit several strikes, headbutts, and a cutter. Piledriver attempt by Mox scouted as Takeshita locked in a Fujiwara armbar, but Moxley transitioned into a triangle. Deadlift Last Ride by Takeshita, and once again into the reverse seated armbar.

Mox again fired back and took the fight back to the floor, Moxley sending Takeshita flying with a tope suicida. Back in ring Moxley hit a big King Kong lariat to stay in the bout, but found himself eating the package tombstone into a rolling German suplex, but as Takeshita readied the jumping knee Mox fired off a desperation DDT. Standing strike exchange in the middle of the ring won by Takeshita who folded Mox with a forearm smash. Big knee strike by Takeshita for a nearfall, but follow up elbows allowed Mox to grab a bandage assisted sleeper. Takeshita threw Mox into the turnbuckle post, then hit another big elbow and a huge mocking Death Rider for two and 5/6ths. Don Callis implored Takeshita to ‘kill’ Moxley as three chairs were thrown into the ring, Mox hitting a stomp onto one as the ref was distracted. Death Rider from Mox was enough to get the pin, but what state is his arm in?

Adam Copeland (c) def. Malakai Black - TNT Championship Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match

‘Ogentroost’ as Malakai Black made his entrance, the House of Black leader weirdly fresh faced with no paint or corruption on his eye. Not to be outdone, Slayer’s ‘South of Heaven’ rang out as The Brood’s Adam Copeland made his way through the flames through the floor and into the weapon filled cage. Metal.

The two wasted no time as the bell rang, swinging steel chairs at one another, Malakai missing a VanDaminator, Copeland a spear before the TNT Champion laid Black out with a big flapjack. Copeland retrieved some barbed wire from the cage and dug it into Malakai’s face, busting Black open early into the bout. Big powerbomb into the cage wall into a sit-out powerbomb for two from Copeland. The End attempt by Malakai scouted into an Impaler by Copeland, but Malakai regrouped to avoid a spear and send Copeland’s face into the barbed wire, opening up the ‘Rated R Superstar’. Duelling chants as Malakai floored Copeland with a standing roundhouse then retrieved a barbed wire baseball bat and drove it into Copeland’s face. Black attempted to smash Copeland’s face into a prone chair with the bat, but Cope avoided it and swung the bat into Malakai’s mid-section, then drove the bat into Black’s face.

A table was set up in the ring by Copeland who then started to scale the steel with Black supine on the wood. Black regained his composure to kick Cope down crotch-first into the rope, then from the rope hit a spinning sunset flip powerbomb onto Cope through the table for two, Copeland grabbing a handful of barbed wire from the cage on his way down. Black set up for The End but ate a spear for two. Piledriver by Cope lay Black out, allowing Cope to set him up on a table and tie him down with barbed wire as the crowd let him know he’s a ‘sick f***’. Copeland made his way to the top of the cage to a huge reaction, then came crashing down with a massive elbow drop to loud ‘holy s***’ chants.

Eventually as both men came to Cope went for a spear but ate The End… for two. Malakai went to stab Cope with a barbed wire pole but found only canvas, then big booted Copeland clean through the cage door and to the floor. Pinfalls and submissions only here so the match continued, as Cope hit a spear on the floor. Buddy Matthews and Brody King made their way down the ramp and sided with Copeland as the crowd were in disbeleief… but it was a ruse as Brody and Buddy beat down Copeland and sent him back into the ring before handing more weapons to Malakai. A three on one beatdown occurred as Malakai put Copeland’s wedding ring on round his own neck with a rope, Buddy and Brody holding a barbed wire crown sporting Copeland aloft… as the lights went red and flickered. Malakai looked around for another bloodbath, but Gangrel came through the floor spitting blood at Brody then hitting a pair of Impaler DDTs on Brody and Buddy. Malakai kicked Gangrel down then ate a spear from Copeland, as the ‘Rated R Superstar’ choked Malakai out with the wire to successfully retain the title. As the cage was lifted, a limping Copeland and Gangrel embraced as The House of Black looked on from the ramp.

Backstage, Lexy Nair spoke with Don Callis, Callis bigging up Will Ospreay’s International Championship win earlier in the night before announcing that he’ll be presenting a contract for the Don Callis family on Dynamite on Wednesday… but is it for Orange Cassidy?

Mercedes Moné def. Willow Nightingale (c) - TBS Championship

The first of Double or Nothing’s ‘triple main event’, as Mercedes Moné finally made her AEW in-ring debut against Willow Nightingale. The ‘CEO’ entered after a video telling women to believe in themselves featuring iconic women such as Simon Biles, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Serena Williams amongst others, with Moné flanked by a neon lit drum troupe and cancan dancers. Willow came accompanied by Stokely Hathaway and Kris Statlander, with Stoke and Kris holding a giant friendship bracelet. In-ring introductions by Justin Roberts, Mercedes greeted by a smattering of boos amongst the cheers, whilst the crowd firmly threw their weight behind Nightingale.

Willow rushed Mercedes as the bell rang, a worried Moné running from the champ as duelling chants bellowed out in the crowd. Nightingale chased Mercedes around the ring but ended up eating stomps inside the ring, as the ‘CEO’ hit a series of lucha libre armdrags. A third armdrag did not come off as Willow chopped the challenger down to size, but a running knee met nothing but flor as Moné dodged the attack before taking the fight outside. Baseball slide attempt countered as Willow hit an apron gutwrench Doctor Bomb. Suplex for two for Willow and a high angle Croyt’s Wrath sent Moné reeling as a fired up champ went for a tope rope gutwrench, only to be dropped from the top by the challenger. Moné targeted Willow’s knee then hit a form of a meteora for a two, then followed up with a grapvined heelhook as Moné stomped the champ. Backstabber for two for Moné, before Willow locked in an ankle lock of her own, complete with mocking torso kicks. As Mercedes ran the ropes for a clothesline she ate nothing but pounce from Willow as referee Aubrey Edwards started the standing ten count.

Willow hit a running attack in the corner and several clubbing blows, then caught a diving Moné with a spinning spinebuster for two. Babe With the Power Bomb attempt scouted, but Willow fought on hitting a Perfectplex for two. More duelling chants as Willow set the challenger on the top rope for a superplex, but Mercedes fought out and hit a standing powerbomb for two before locking in a form of deathlock. Mercedes came off the top to the apron but jarred her knee, with an evasive Willow following up with an apron shinbreaker to further damage the ‘CEO’s leg. Willow locked in an inverted cloverleaf then swung Moné, then hit a corner Spicolli Driver, although the follow up corner cannonball missed. Moné stomped on Nightingale’s ankle then hit the Bret’s rope meteora for two, before hitting a second meteora off the apron to the floor to level the champ. Kris Statlander tried firing up her pal but got flattened by Moné, as Stokely and Stat argued with the ref Willow hit the Babe with the Power Bomb but only got two as her entourage accidentally messed up their gameplan. Second attempt at the powerbomb was scouted as Moné locked in the Crossface before transitioning into a deep STF as Willow made the ropes. Moné shoved Willow from the top then rolled over Willow to hit the Monê-Maker Gory driver for the win and the championship. Moné celebrated up the ramp with the title as Stokely got in Willow’s face. Statlander shoved Stoke to the floor then helped Willow to the ramp… before throwing the former champ into the floor. Statlander threw her friendship bracelet at Willow then hit a big discuss lariat on the ramp as the crowd booed Statlander and Stokely.

Swerve Strickland (c) def. Christian Cage - AEW World Championship

Main event number two. Christian Cage first out flanked by his family (Nick and Mother Wayne, and Killswitch), before a video played showing Swerve in a car as highlights of his AEW run from signing to championship win played, then Prince Nana did his best Luther from The Warriors impersonation, clanking the bottles whilst telling Swerve to come out to play. Strickland then made his way to the ring in Warriors inspired gear as the crowd chanted for the champ.

Strong lock-up to kick things off, with Prince nana firing up the crowd as Swerve and Cage measured each other. Swerve got the ‘Patriarch’ down, but as he went for the roll-through suplex at a reverse falling DDT from Cage. Follow-up diving headbutt by Cage met nothing, as the fight spilled to the floor, Strickland missing a diving splash and getting a face full of guardrail. Cage treated the crowd to a gunshow to a chorus of boos as he established firm control of the bout. Big top rope tornado DDT by Cage planted the champ, with a follow-up frog splash successful. Nick Wayne cheap shot to the champ as Cage stayed on the offence, flinging the champ with a sunset flip powerbomb, but a follow-up spear saw Strickland muster up the energy to grab Cage into a spinning powerslam for two. Swerve started building some momentum, hitting a diving European uppercut to the back of Cage’s head then hitting a pair of neckbreakers, then one more for good measure through the ropes. With Cage on the floor Swerve hit a big Fosbury flop, then a standing crossbody in the ring for two. Christian fired back and slowed the champ down with a Sharpshooter, before both men collided and hit the mat. Mother Wayne grabbed the AEW World Title as Prince Nana cut her off, but it was a trick as Nick Wayne convinced referee Paul Turner that nana was in line to hit Cage with the belt, leading to the ref sending Nana to the back.

Outside the ring Nick Wayne and Killswitch beat down Swerve as Cage kept the ref distracted, but more shenanigans were foiled when Killswitch accidentally headbutted Cage, allowing Swerve to successfully fight The Family. Swerve went for the double stomp on Cage but missed, as Christian attempted to cheat again, Nick Wayne distracting the ref as Killswitch went to slug Swerve. Luckily the ref was alert for this one - sending the Waynes and Killswitch to the back. Rolling flatliner by Strickland got two, and a follow-up vertical suplex on the floor winded Cage. Strickland set the stairs  on the floor, avoiding a powerbomb from the apron to crush Christian with stomps. Swerve - feeling his momentum surging - went for an elbow suicida, but Christian moved, causing Swerve to smash into the stairs. Again with the ref distracted Nick Wayne ran down to hit Swerve with a neckbreaker, before throwing him into the ring to eat a Killswitch… for two. Prince nana then walked down with a lead pipe to chase Nick Wayne away.

Jockeying for position the announce desk, Cage went for the Killswitch but couldn’t lock it, Swerve hitting a massive double stomp to cave Christian’s chest in. Swerve beat the ref’s ten count but couldn’t hit the House Call, but had enough to avoid a Christian Spear, then hit the House Call as Cage went again for the Spear. Swerve Stomp in the middle of the ring and another House Call for the successful title defence.

The Elite def. Team AEW (FTR, Bryan Danielson, & Darby Allin) - Anarchy in the Arena

The third and final main event of the night as Justin Roberts welcomed us to ‘the s***show’ - Anarchy in the Arena. Full Reebok gear for The Young Bucks, including their brand new Pump ‘Superkicks’ collab. Okada was next, but as Jack Perry’s music started team AEW came out of nowhere to start the fight. Darby Allin’s music played over the speakers as the match kicked off - New Jack style - with Darby wearing a protective face mask covered in thumbtacks because of course.

Matthew Jackson took the mic to cut the music, and got the backstage team to play The Bucks’ Succession homage theme music instead, before Bryan Danielson grabbed the mic and got the ‘greatest theme song ever’ to play instead - ‘The Final Countdown’. Wrestling is amazing.

With Europe blaring out the fight literally spilled out all over the arena, Taz singing along on commentary. Full party fight this, Dax Harwood and Matthew Jackson fighting into the concourse, Danielson and Okada fighting on the floor, Darby Allin hitting a big Coffin Drop from an entrance way onto everyone else. Four-way split screen on TV because there was A LOT going on. Matthew Jackson finally cut the music as it was costing too much money to a chorus of boos - never interrupt a guitar solo mate. 

Darby and Jack Perry made their way towards the parking lot as the others fought their way back to the ring as the fans chanted ‘we want music’. Plunder was flying all over the place with Okada holding up a ‘Rainmaker Drive’ street sign and hitting a running splash onto Danielson over the railing. Outside the arena Darby was trying to drown Perry in a bath, before Jack started wailing on Darby with a big pipe. In the ring The Bucks hit a Shatter Machine on a bleeding Dax Harwood before accidentally clocking Okada with kicks as Danielson evaded their attack. The ‘American Dragon’ went for a dive but received a chairshot to the back from Okada.

Cut back to outside with a big van painted with ‘Scapegoat; crashing into a pile of debris, presumably with Allin in the pile. Perry was KO’d after crashing the van, with The Bucks watching on horrified in the arena. FTR spike piledriver on Nicholas Jackson on the apron, then a Powerplex on Matthew for two as Okada made the save. Okada elbow drop on Harwood, then no Rainmaker pose as he flipped off the crowd, only for Cash to bite his middle finger. An incensed Okada tombstoned Cash instead, but a follow-up Rainmaker attempt went nowhere. Darby then made his way to the ring to loud cheers, overcoming Okada to hit a code red for two.

The Bucks grabbed Darby for a big double powerbomb onto six set up chairs, then dragged Darby to the entrance, the Jacksons placing Darby on their entrance elevator and sending it down. Danielson ran up to fight the AEW World Tag Team Champions by himself, but got rammed into the decorative giant poker champs at the entrance. The Bucks then hit a running Indytaker on the chips from the stage as FTR came to join the fight, Harwood DDTing Matthew Jackson into a big chip. FTR and The Bucks fought between the entrance tunnels Wheeler pildrove Nicholas Jackson on the ramp then fetched a table, but Okada arrived to lay Wheeler on the table as Nicholas Jackson hit a Senton bomb from the entrance tunnel onto Cash, as Okada hit an elbow drop off the stage through Dax on a table. Jack Perry then returned and made a beeline for AEW President Tony Khan in gorilla position and brought him out to the stage, where a waiting Darby Allin SET JACK PERRY ON FIRE WITH A FLAMETHROWER to huge ‘holy s***’ chants as The Bucks and doctors extinguished the flames.

Back in ring Allin avoided a 450 splash from Nicholas Jackson who crashed into a trash can. Darby then sent Matthew packing, avoided a Rainmaker, kicked Okada in the groin then hit a Coffin Drop… for two as the Jacksons made the save. The Bucks flattened Darby in the ring then called for a winch to be lowered from the top of the arenaThe Elite attempted their best Age of the Fall impression as they hooked Darby’s injured ankles to the winch, but Dax made the save, hitting Okada with a brainbuster, before Wheeler ran in to hit the Shatter Machine on Nicholas for two. Dax started dishing out chops but ate an exploding chair from Matthew Jackson. Okada put a thumbtack adorned armpad on and hit a spiky Rainmaker on Cash Wheeler before fetching some thumbtack adorned Reebok Pumps for The Young Bucks. Darby was then hoisted into the air by his ankles and took a hellacious pair of thumbtacked superkicks to the broken nose. 

Matthew went for a tack superkick on Danielson but hit Nicholas instead, before Danielson removed one of the shoes, slapped The Bucks with it, then dished out some YES kicks. Darby was still hanging by his ankles as Danielson vowed to ‘kick some f****** heads in’, then did the YES chants as he hit a chair assisted Busaiku knee to Nicholas for two as Okada made the save. Rainmaker on Danielson, EVP Trigger as Jack Perry made his way into the ring to hit his own Busaiku knee on Danielson for the one, two, three as the crowd chanted 'please help Darby'. Absolute carnage, if you like these huge plunder filled party matches then make sure to catch this. Someone actually used a flamethrower like it was Kawasaki Stadium in 1995.

Full results, AEW Double or Nothing, May 26 2024:

  • The Elite def. Team AEW (FTR, Bryan Danielson, & Darby Allin) - Anarchy in the Arena
  • Swerve Strickland (c) def. Christian Cage - AEW World Championship
  • Mercedes Moné def. Willow Nightingale (c) - TBS Championship
  • Adam Copeland (c) def. Malakai Black - TNT Championship Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match
  • Jon Moxley (c) def. Konosuke Takeshita - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Eliminator
  • Chris Jericho (c) def. HOOK & Katsuyori Shibata - FTW Championship
  • Orange Cassidy def. Trent Beretta
  • Toni Storm (c) def. Serena Deeb - AEW Women’s World Championship
  • Bang Bang Gang (c) def. Death Triangle - Unified World Trios Championships
  • Will Ospreay def. Roderick Strong (c) - Roderick Strong (c) - AEW International Championship
  • The Acclaimed def. Cage of Agony - Buy In Pre-Show
  • Deonna Purrazzo def. Thunder Rosa - Buy In Pre-Show

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