AEW: Dynamite Results - July 21 2021: Fyter Fest Night Two

Let The Labours of Jericho begin!

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means, as AEW broadcast Fyter Fest Night Two live from Dallas, Texas.

Straight to in-ring action for the ‘First Labour of Jericho’ as The Demo God took on The Chairman Shawn Spears, in a match where Spears alone could use a chair as a weapon. Spears tried goading Jericho with the chair but ate strikes, as Le Champion started on the front foot. The two started brawling around ringside, and Spears finally got into the match, launching a chair at Jericho as he went for the inside/out springboard dropkick. Spears worked Jericho’s bad arm, slugging it with a chair when wrapped around a ringpost. Jericho fought back, hitting a top rope Frankensteiner like he was still The Lionheart, but Spears came back with a superkick to take him back down. Spears was firmly in control, smacking Jericho with the chair and strutting, but Jericho was too quick, locking in The Walls of Jericho in the centre of the ring. Tully Blanchard hopped on the apron to distract the ref as Spears tapped, as Sammy Guevara ran out to chase Tully to the back. Spears escaped the Walls by blasting Jericho with a chair, hit the C4, but only got a two count. Spears went for second chair loaded C4, but Jericho escaped, threw him into a chair in the corner, then hit Judas Effect for the win.

Post-match, MJF left his position on commentary to mock-congratulate Jericho and said if Jericho receives anymore outside help during his labours then their deal is off. MJF then announced Jericho’s second labour; a NoDQ match… AGAINST NICK F****** GAGE. In a sight we thought we’d never see, Nick Gage made his debut in AEW, threatening to slice Jericho’s throat with a pizza cutter. Surreal.

We heard from Miro, who announced that he will put the title on the line at AEW Homecoming in two weeks time.

The IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers made their way ringside, as Doc Gallows took on The Elite Hunter Frankie Kazarian in singles action. Kaz was all over Big LG from the start, using his speed to evade Gallows’ attacks, while peppering the Bullet Club OG with strikes. Doc came into the match soon enough, levelling Kaz with a big boot, before Karl Anderson took him down on the outside. Gallows took it back in ring and held Kaz down with strikes and holds, trying to stop The Elite Hunter at the first hurdle, but Kaz came back after a face pull, sinking in a lovely back drop and springboard legdrop on Doc for a two. Kaz thwarted more Anderson interference, but ate a huge kick and a baldo bomb as Gallows got the three count. 

Post-match The GBs laid into Kazarian and hit the Magic Killer, as Kenny Omega and Don Callis made their way ringside. Callis said what happened to Kazarian is what happens when you mess with The Elite, before Omega laughed at Kazarian, as ‘The Elite Hunter’ has now become ‘The Elite Hunted’. Before Omega could hit a belt shot, Hangman Adam Page made his way out. Callis told him he’s outnumbered, drunk, and stupid, as Page attacked The Elite anyway. The GBs hit a beatdown on Hangman as The Dark Order rushed the ring to fight off The Elite, as Silver and Reynolds set up Karl Anderson for the Buckshot Lariat. The Dark Order and Hangman had a drink and celebrated, as Omega and Callis looked on from the ramp.

Dasha Gonzalez caught up with Brian Cage, throwing to a Team Taz video that celebrated Ricky Starks’ new FTW Championship, as Starks said next week he’s throwing a party. Cage told Dasha that he loves celebrations, and walked off grinning.

Match three, as Best Friends’ protege Wheeler Yuta took on Darby Allin. The two had a crisp, fast opening exchange, going back and forth with Yuta focusing much of his offence of Darby’s taped ribs. A beautiful bridging German suplex by Yuta got a two, but as he went for a follow up from the top rope Darby caught him with a superplex. Outside the ring Sting and Orange Cassidy went face to face, as The Stinger initiated the low impact kick battle, as Yuta came close to a win in the ring. Darby came back with a stunner and The Coffin Drop, and got the all important three.

Post-match, as Cassidy was checking on Yuta, The Blade suckerpunched OC with brass knucks ahead of their match later tonight.

A recap package aired about the first Archer vs. Moxley Texas Deathmatch in NJPW, where Moxley won the title in the first place. Both men vowed to win tonight’s rematch.

We then saw Bullet Club’s Hikuleo sitting ringside, likely keeping his eye on the outcome of the main event.

Women’s Title match time, with champ Britt Baker taking on Nyla Rose - Nyla had Vickie Guerrero in her corner, with Baker accompanied by a kneebrace and crutch sporting Rebel/Reba. Both women had their tactics set out from the start; Nyla wanted to use her strength and size to get ahead, whilst Baker looked to keep her grounded and wear her down. Rose got first blood with a huge military press slam, after escaping a hold by The Dentist. Rebel saved Baker from a rope hung kneedrop, before DMD came back into the bout by slamming The Native Beast’s head into the middle turnbuckle. Baker enjoyed a flurry of offence as her gameplan was working, but Rose came back in with a big Sambo Suplex. Baker avoided a follow-up corner cannonball, and came very close with a backslide as the crowd booed the ref. Baker got the glove, but Nyla fought out of a Lockjaw attempt and hit a Death Valley Driver and the diving kneedrop, but the champ kicked out at two. Both women got a series of two counts as the action picked up, with Baker coming close to a win after two curbstomps. Nyla levelled Baker with a massive forearm, as both women hit the deck for the ten count. Rebel distracted the ref as Baker grabbed the title and went for the classic Eddie Guerrero fakeout, but an incensed Vickie made sure it didn’t happen, as Rose went for one of her own. Nyla used the confusion to hit a Beast Bomb, but again only got a two. Britt reversed a second Beast Bomb attempt into The Lockjaw, as Nyla tapped out.

We had a press conference from earlier in the day, promoting the upcoming Proud & Powerful vs. FTR match at next week’s Fight for the Fallen. Dax Harwood disparaged Santana and Ortiz, before Ortiz said FTR are just a pit-stop on their way to the tag titles. An impassioned Santana produced pictures of his mother, their first home in the Bronx, and a newspaper that showed his mum fighting slumlords so they had somewhere decent to live. Harwood said he only cares about God, his family, and pro-wrestling, and next week FTR will kick Santana and Ortiz’s asses, as the two teams were separated by security.

Back in the ring Tony Schiavone introduced Andrade El Idolo, after Andrade called out Death Triangle last week. Andrade told Schiavone ‘tranquilo’, before announcing he had a surprise for everyone. Tony Schiavone was given instructions by Andrade’s PA, and introduced Andrade’s new executive consultant; Chavo Guerrero! Chavo Jr. made his way to the ring, put over AEW, but said no-one in the back has as much talent as Andrade. Suddenly, Death Triangle and Alex Abrahantes made their way to the stage. El Idolo said Fenix and Penta are good, but with Andrade they could be great. Andrade spoke in Spanish, and Chavo translated for PAC; when Andrade looks at Lucha Bros waists, they’re not shiny enough, and if they join Andrade they can change all that. Andrade asked why do they work for PAC? From now on, they work for Andrade. PAC fired back, saying The Lucha Bros don’t work for PAC, Death Triangle is a brotherhood. Fenix took the mic and said he and Penta are the real face of the Latinos. ‘Penta says’; why would they want to join a group with Andrade when he’s not on their level? Death Triangle rushed the ring, but Andrade calmed them down and said everyone works for Andrade, before referees took Death Triangle away from the ring.

Cut to footage from earlier in the day, as the HFO and Jurassic Express brawled in the ring, as Christian Cage helped the Dino Boys in their fight. We then cut backstage where Christian suggested a six-man tag for next week; Cage and Jurassic Express vs. Private Party and Angelico.

Alex Marvez caught up with QT Marshall and The Factory. QT said he’d give Tony Schiavone an apology in the ring next week after pouring a protein shake all over him.

The Blade made his way to the ring with The Bunny after socking OC earlier in the night. ‘Where is my Mind’ played, but no sign of OC on the ramp, as he quickly and quietly rolled into the ring, catching The Blade unawares. OC was fired up, peppering Blade with strikes, but Blade went down feigning a knee injury. As OC retreated to his corner, Blade ran over and single leg dropkicked him, but ate a Stundog Millionaire as he went for a follow up. Blade hit a nasty top rope gutwrench powerbomb onto the top turnbuckle, as Cassidy cascaded to the outside. Blade was firmly in control as he brutalised Cassidy on the outside, but back in ring Cassidy fired back, getting a nearfall after a DDT. The Bunny hopped onto the apron, but Kris Statlander ran out to even the odds. Cassidy went for a suicide dive, but Blade pulled Statlander in front of him, taking the brunt of the attack. OC then threw Blade into Bunny, but back in ring Blade got the advantage, hitting a huge lariat and That’s Incredible for two. Cassidy hit Beach Break after two earlier attempts failed, but only got two. Bunny and Statlander fought as Blade got the knucks again, but Cassidy evaded Blade and hit the Orange Punch for the all important three count.

Post-match, Cassidy hit another Orange Punch, but with Blade’s knucks wrapped around his fist.

Alex Marvez caught up with Chris Jericho to ask about his match with Nick Gage next week. Jericho said next week Gage won’t meet Le Champion, he’ll face The Painmaker. 

Main event time as Lance Archer took on IWGP US Champion Jon Moxley in a Texas Deathmatch for the title. Before the match, it was announced that Hikuleo will face the winner for the title next week.

NJPW Deathmatch rules in place - submission or KO only, as Mox and Archer went straight at it, with Mox teeing off on Lance with a kendo stick. The fight quickly spilled into the crowd, with Archer using a fan as a weapon, launching the poor soul into Moxley. Moxley hit a Paradigm Shift onto exposed concrete, but a bloodied Archer beat the ten count. Mox wasn’t phased, producing a fork and stabbing Lance in the forehead like Abdullah the Butcher, before producing a pair of tables and setting them up ringside, and throwing other assorted plunder into the ring. Mox repeatedly stabbed Archer in the forehead but ate a stiff knee, as The Murderhawk Monster refused to stay down. Mox targeted Archer’s knee and Pillmanised the big man, but Archer came back and punched a bin lid right into Moxley’s face. Mox was bleeding too but it fired him up, as he bit Archer’s face. The two took it in turns battering each other, with Archer hitting a sick chokeslam on Mox onto the tops of two chairs. Mox fired back with a huge lariat and a loose Paradigm Shift, but Archer flipped off Mox from his knees. This enraged Moxley who fired back with the fork once more, before placing a pair of barbed wire boards on top of the ringside tables. Mox set up for a Paradigm Shift off the apron, but Archer went ham with the fork, and chokeslammed Mox through the barbed wire tables for the 10 count to regain the IWGP US Heavyweight Title.

Post match Hikuleo got into the ring to face off with Archer, as Fyter Fest Night Two went off the air.

Full results:
• Chris Jericho def. Shawn Spears - The Labours of Jericho, Spears could use a chair
• Doc Gallows def. Frankie Kazarian
• Darby Allin def. Wheeler Yuta
• Britt Baker (c) def. Nyla Rose - AEW Women’s World Championship
• Orange Cassidy def. The Blade
• Lance Archer def. Jon Moxley (c) - IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Texas Deathmatch

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