AEW Dynamite Results - November 24, 2021

Punk vs. MJF, phwoah

All Elite Wrestling returned to the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois for the November 24 episode of Dynamite.

The company wasted no time in giving the fans what they wanted as CM Punk opened Dynamite for his match against QT Marshall.

Before Marshall could make his entrance, though, MJF interrupted The Second City Saviour after Punk just laughed at him last week. 

Friedman wasted no time getting to the insults and he quickly told Punk that The Second City Saviour really hurt his feelings last week, which was almost as bad as the time Punk quit and went home like a little b*tch. MJF then praised the famous pipe bomb promo, calling it Punk's best moment. The problem is, though, every MJF moment is the best MJF moment. 

After then saying Punk looked like a meth addict, Friedman complained that the 43-year-old never mentioned him when naming who he wanted to face in AEW before he told CM he was going to verbally finish him quicker than the The Second City Saviour's UFC career. 

Punk just stood there watching in quiet contemplation before he finally picked up the microphone and told MJF he was so disappointed in him. Punk thought Friedman's name stood for My Jealous Fan and Punk said he never brought up MJF's name because he didn't want to feed his rotten little ego. 

The former WWE Champion then criticised MJF for always going after the lowest hanging fruit before pointing out that MJF thinks he's great while in reality, he's just a less famous Miz.

MJF picked up the microphone next, raining down insults on Punk before he called CM 'PG Punk' because he might as well be standing in the ring preaching hustle, loyalty and respect.

Friedman then questioned why Punk stayed away from professional wrestling for so long, claiming the 43-year-old was terrified to return. He said fans looked at Punk like a cult hero because he was held down and should have been the number one guy. Yet here he is with the opportunity to prove everyone right, but can Punk do it? That remains to be seen, but Friedman knows what keeps Punk up at night is that CM has been nothing but second-best for his whole career, whether it be to John Cena or Triple H. With MJF in AEW, that won't change for Punk because MJF is better than him and he knows it. 

Punk admitted there was a little bit of truth to what MJF said about him being a little bit scared to return, but he's not scared anymore, especially not of MJF. Punk then said he was selling out Madison Square Garden while MJF was marking out for Rosie O'Donnell and claimed Friedman can make the New York Times again, but this time it will be the obituaries section because MJF can't back up sh*t without Shawn Spears or Wardlow. 

Punk turned his attention to the four pillars next, saying MJF had been replaced by Britt Baker without even realising it and the 43-year-old concluded with the remark that the only way MJF will ever be number one is if we all wait around long enough for Tony Khan to have a daughter that MJF can marry.

The two men looked set to come to blows as Punk wanted to top his return by punching MJF in his "little needle d*ck" but Maxwell didn't give the fans what they wanted as he rolled out of the ring and walked back up the ramp.  

Following the 20-minute promo segment, Punk finally faced QT Marshall and The Factory leader enjoyed plenty of time on top courtesy of interference from Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solo. Marshall even almost pinned Punk following a Liger Bomb but The Second City Saviour managed to fight back and he picked up the win following a Go To Sleep. 

The feud between Bryan Danielson and Hangman Page also continued on Dynamite as The American Dragon meticulously and vindictively hurt Colt Cabana during their match, even knocking one of Boom Boom's teeth out before he applied the LeBell Lock for the submission victory. 

A gloating Danielson then held up Cabana's tooth in a post-match promo and he called the Chicago crowd fickle because they had cheered him last time he was in the city. Danielson isn't fickle, though, because he kicked Cabana's teeth out and he will kick another Dark Order member's head in next week in Atlanta before Hangman Page receives the ultimate head kicking.

As Excalibur said, speak Hangman Page's name and he shall appear. The AEW World Champion, in his ring gear this week, told Danielson they're in Chicago and he can't think of a better time to defend his title against The American Dragon than right here, right now. 

Danielson, in typical heel fashion though, weaselled out of the match by saying that, of course, Page wanted to face him now, right after Danielson had already wrestled. Page then said he wasn't leaving Chicago without a fight and he even put his hands behind his back, giving Danielson the first shot. The champion and the number one contender then came to blows and Danielson just avoided a Buckshot Lariat, scurrying backstage as Page held up the AEW World Championship. 

A barn burner of a main event then ended Dynamite as Death Triangle and Cody Rhodes took on Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black and FTR. Much to no one's surprise, Cody Rhodes received a frosty reception from the Chicago crowd and they wouldn't even accept The American Nightmare's weight belt as they threw it back into the ring. 

Down the stretch, Cody almost cost his team the match as he inadvertently decked PAC with a Superkick after Andrade ducked. PAC managed to fight back, though, and Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard had a face-off while all eight competitors were down. The Four Horsemen then briefly reunited to take down Andrade's assistant before the action resumed around them. 

With PAC set to win the match for his team, Malakai Black suddenly climbed on to the apron and sprayed black mist in The Bastard's face, blinding him. This allowed Andrade to take advantage and he decimated PAC with a Hammerlock DDT for the 1-2-3 to leave the heels standing tall as Dynamite went off the air. 

Elsewhere on Dynamite, 2point0 and Daniel Garcia annoyed everybody, first p*ssing off Eddie Kingston and then Chris Jericho. Tony Schiavone ruined Friendsgiving by revealing Britt Baker would face Riho on Rampage and if Riho won, she would earn an AEW Women's Title shot. There was also tension within Baker's faction after she accidentally Superkicked Jamie Hayter during her TBS Title Tournament Match against Thunder Rosa, which allowed La Mera Mera to pick up the win. Darby Allin and Sting also exacted a measure of revenge on Gunn Club following The Ass Boys' win over Bear Country. 

Team Taz also added a new member to the faction as Dante Martin signed a contract to join the group, much to Lio Rush's dismay.

Check out the full results from Dynamite below: 

  • CM Punk def. QT Marshall
  • The Gunn Club def. Bear Country
  • Thunder Rosa def. Jamie Hayter - TBS Title Tournament
  • Bryan Danielson def. Colt Cabana
  • Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black & FTR def. Death Triangle & Cody Rhodes

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