AEW Dynasty 2024 Results

All the results from the inaugural AEW Dynasty event

The inaugural Dynasty PPV from All Elite Wrestling was surely a show worth remembering, with several title changes, a handful of surprises, and some potential match of the year candidates.

So what actually happened at Dynasty? We have all the results from St. Louis, Missouri.

Trent Beretta def. Matt Sydal - Pre-Show

Hometown boy Matt Sydal got a nice reaction from the St. Louis crowd, but Trent was making it his business to make sure Sydal did not get a dream homecoming. Sydal started off quickly and on the front foot, knocking Trent to the floor, getting an early two back in the ring with a nice standing corkscrew moonsault. Trent got the momentum back in his favour with a nice sheerdrop brainbuster, as the St. Louis crowd taunted him with loud “WE WANT SUE” chants. Sydal fired up and peppered Trent with a series of kicks, but could not put the ‘Best Friend’ away as brother Mike Sydal watched on at ringside. Huge half-and-half by Trent launched Sydal across the ring, but a follow up lariat only garnered a two count. Air Raid Crash and a Meteora by Sydal again could only get a two count, but a follow up Avalanche Frankensteiner attempt went awry allowing Trent to escape and hit a Gotch Style Piledriver. Running knee and an arm-trap traignle choke got the win for Trent. Beretta refused to break the hold, leading Mike Sydal to run to his brother’s aid.

Trent then blindsided Mike and continued his assault on Matt, until Chuck Taylor chased him out of the ring. Trent took the mic saying Chuck wasn’t responding to his messages, then said Chuck had until Dynamite on Wednesday, then he has to tell Trent where he stands.

Orange Cassidy & Katsuyori Shibata def. Shane Taylor Promotions - Pre-Show

As Trent made his way up the ramp, Orange Cassidy made his way to the ring, momentarily trapping Beretta until he got escape through the entrance tunnel. STP’s Anthony Ogogo joined commentary for this one.

Lee Moriarty started off with OC, with Moriarty keeping Cassidy grounded with a series of holds. Despite being tied up, Cassidy managed to get hi hands into his pockets for some sloth style wrestling before tagging in Shibata for some strong style wrestling. Shibata and Moriarty exchanged hold and counter-hold, with ‘The Wrestler’ edging out the contest, before beckoning Shane Taylor to enter the match. Taylor and Shibata exchanged strikes, with Shibata chopping the big man down with a series of stiff kicks before bringing OC back in. Cassidy ended up hitting a tope suicida on Moriarty on the floor, and continued slugging it out with ‘Taiga Style’ on the floor. Ogogo attempted to save Moriarty but Shibata rushed him, uppercutting him around the ring until Taylor haymakered the NJPW icon to restore the momentum for his team.

Taylor crushed Cassidy with an Undertaker apron legdrop, then followed up with a huge chop. Taylor and Moriarty utilised quick tags to keep OC at bay, but Shibata still got the hot tag in, teaching Moriarty a lesson as if they were in the LA Dojo. Shibata and OC teamed to dish out a barrage of chops and kicks into Taylor, allowing legal man Moriarty to run in and break it up. Stundog Millionaire by OC rocked Moriarty, with an OC inside out tornado DDT taking him down. Taylor had OC up for the Package Piledriver as Shibata locked in the sleeper, with all hell breaking loose until OC got the Orange Punch for the three count.

Bullet Club Gold (c) def. The Acclaimed (c) - AEW & ROH Trios Championships Unification Match - Pre-Show

Max Caster got his pre-match freestyle off without a hitch, then asked for the beat to be cut so he could flow a cappella with some bars we couldn’t possibly republish here. Sorry. 

Colten Gunn and Anthony Bowens started things off, with Austin and Billy soon tagging in and facing off. Billy got the better of his youngest son, but Jay White was soon in to try his luck with the ‘Bad Ass’… to little success. Colten then tried taking his dad down to loud “YOU F***** UP” chants before eating a stiff slap. The Acclaimed built up some momentum with a Scissor me Timbers on Austin, but a follow up Stinger Splash attempt saw Max Caster spill to the floor where a waiting Jay White launched him into the guardrails. Bowens soon tagged in to run BCG ragged, but Jay White was soon back in control, with BCG utilising quick tags once again to keep Bowens down and isolated. Billy Gunn eventually tagged back in and ran wild, hitting a One & Only on Austin, but eating a Fame Asser from Colten for two.

With the ref distracted, Jay White clipped Billy with the baseball bat with The Gunns following up with the 3:10 to Yuma… but could only get a two count. ‘Switchblade’ had Billy in his sights but ate a Fame Asser and a Mic Drop… also for two. White and Billy jostled for supremacy, until White hit the Blade Runner for the win, The Bang Bang Gang reigning supreme as the undisputed AEW Trios Champions.

Kazuchika Okada (c) def. PAC - AEW Continental Championship

Loud reception for both men ahead of this one, with loud “OKADA” chants greeting ‘The Rainmaker’ ahead of his first Continental Championship defence. These were followed by “HOLY S***” chants as the bell rang, with PAC instantly trying to slow down Okada, taking him down and showing no intimidation. PAC soon took it to the floor with a corkscrew plancha, then kept control as the action returned to the ring, a Superplex getting a two count for ‘The Bastad’. Early Black Arrow attempt was scouted, with Okada dropkicking PAC to the floor from the top rope. Okada started toying with PAC with mocking headkicks, then spiked PAC on the outside with a guardrail draped DDT onto the floor. Okada hit another DDT in-ring, but PAC managed to fight back, taking it back to the floor with a pitch perfect springboard moonsault.

PAC started to build momentum, taking Okada down with a running flying forearm, with a follow up top rope shotgun dropkick getting a two count. PAC launched Okada with a German Suplex, but the momentum carried Okada to his feet who replied with a shotgun dropkick of his own to send PAC flying. Air Raid Neckbreaker from Okada got a two, and the crowd fully got behind Okada as he geared up for the ‘Rainmaker’ pose, only to flip everyone off to loud boos. Superkick and lariat by PAC rocked Okada, with a follow-up deadlift bridging German suplex only getting a two for the Death Triangle member. 

Momentum on his side, PAC went up for the Black Arrow, but Okada evaded it with PAC splatting into the mat. Okada Tombstone but a follow-up Rainmaker attempt missed as PAC got a roll-up for two. Okada hoisted PAC up for Heavy Rain but got locked into a Brutaliser, with Okada escaping thanks to an eye-rake. Okada went for another Tombstone, but PAC rolled through to hit one of his own. PAC then went up top for another Black Arrow attempt, but Okada grabbed the ref, then got the knees up when PAC finally went for the move. Rainmaker, 1-2-3, Okada retains. Loud applause and “HE’S OUR BASTARD” chants as PAC sat alone looking dejected.

The House of Black def. Adam Copeland, Mark Briscoe, & Eddie Kingston

Lots of quick tags to start this one, with the face team having the early spoils, Adam Copeland getting the better of Buddy Matthews to exert control. Malakai Black came in momentarily to get in Copeland’s mind, before Brody king and Eddie Kingston came in to serve up some platters of chops. Kawada kicks on the floor and Kobashi machine gun chops in the corner couldn’t stop king, who flattened Eddie with a Bossman Slam and the cannon ball. Kingston and Malakai soon brawled, before Buddy and Mark Briscoe resumed their rivalry, Briscoe utilising some of the ‘Redneck Kung Fu’ to send Matthews to the floor. Kingston and malakai fought on the floor as Briscoe set a chair on the apron to hit a running cannonball over the ringpost onto Brody on the floor. King caught Briscoe off the apron to hit a running Spicolli Driver into the guardrail. 

Malakai regained control for the House in-ring, Malakai and Brody keeping Briscoe isolated in the corner, but the ROH World Champion soon tagged in Copeland who went at it with King in the middle of the ring. Cope put Brody up top but was soon sent flying as the face team rushed the House, with Malakai and Buddy hitting powerbombs on Briscoe and Kingston, as Cope ran in for a superplex on King. Parade of huge strikes in ring ended with King the only man standing, but a Kingston Uriken, Copeland Impaler, and Briscoe Froggy-bow took the big man down… but only for two as Buddy made the save. The House regrouped to once again rule the roost, but a trio of spears cut them down to size. Copeland readied for another Spear on Malakai but received a face full of mist and The End kick for the three count.

Willow Nightingale def. Julia Hart (c) - TBS Championship

House Rules in effect meaning Skye Blue and Kris Statlander are banned from ringside. Willow was quick out of the traps, but Julia soon gained control as Mercedes Moné watched on from backstage. Knowing Nightingale had an obvious power and strength advantage Hart looked to ground the former NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion, but Willow soon locked in a sleeper but ate a series of overhead kicks from Julia. Big spinebuster from Willow got a two count, but Hart kept trying to wear down the challenger with various holds. Big moonsault from Julia met nothing but feet, Willow following up with a big lariat and the Bae with the Powerbomb for the win and the title. Post-match, Stokely Hathaway and Kris Statlander came to the ring to celebrate with Willow, with Mercedes soon making her presence felt too. The ‘CEO’ came to the ring to pose and get under the new champ’s skin, with Moné set to face Willow for the title at Double or Nothing 2024 on May 26.

Roderick Strong (c) def. Kyle O’Reilly - AEW International Championship

Technical mat hold counter-hold wrestling to start, with Strong getting the early advantage. An early backbreaker cut O’Reilly down to size, but a follow-up chop only fired him up, KOR nailing Strong with a series of stiff strikes. Back and forth strikes until Roddy hit his second backbreaker after catching Kyle mid-jump, then a top turnbuckle backbreaker as ‘The Messiah of the Backbreaker’ started warming up. O’Reilly ate some stomps from the champ, and continued absorbing punishment as Strong targeted the back with more backbreakers. Kyle fired back with a flurry of knees and kicks, only for Strong to hit a desperation Olympic Slam. Four running elbows stunned Kyle, but he had the wherewithal to avoid a running knee and tie Strong in the ropes for diving knee drop, before another diving knee and a kneebar.

Strong again regained control with more backbreakers, but a superplex almost backfired as O’Reilly rolled into a pinning attempt, before both men went down with a double clothesline spot. Standing strike exchange saw Kyle come out on top with a German suplex, but a rolling elbow attempt saw Strong hit a jumping knee to send both men to the mat. Strong went for the Tiger Driver, but O’Reilly transitioned it into a guillotine. As Kyle had Strong reeling, Wardlow made his way to the ring, his brief distractions allowing Roddy to get back into the bout. O’Reilly brainbuster got a two, but a follow-up armbreaker barely locked in until Strong made the ropes. End of Heartache, and the win for Strong.

Wardlow celebrated in-ring with Strong, as Matt Taven and Mike Bennett rolled out Adam Cole in his wheelchair… only for Cole to stand up and march to the ring to a big reaction. The Kingdom hoisted Strong on their shoulders as Cole stared daggers at Wardlow.

Chris Jericho def. HOOK (c) - FTW Championship

No Judas tonight, with ‘Lionheart’ Jericho coming out to White Zombie and a chorus of boos. HOOK accepted Jericho’s fistbump as the bell rang, and got first blood with a nice overhead throw and a t-bone suplex after exchanging strikes with the multi-time world champion. The fight spilled to the floor where Jericho soon retrieved a table, but a powerbomb attempt saw HOOK wriggle out and plant Jericho into the floor with a German suplex. HOOK then grabbed a bin lid and teed off on Jericho, but was quickly cut down and DDT’d into the metal by Jericho. 

Jericho took the fight back into the ring, but soon returned to the apron, spotting the table on the floor. HOOK stopped Jericho in his tracks and hit a huge t-bone off the apron through the table, but could only manage a two count on the floor - FTW rules in effect. Jericho fired back in ring, sending HOOK flying with an avalanche Frankensteiner for two. Jericho then threw a bin and kendo stick into the ring, but ate another German suplex before he could swing the bin. HOOK went full ECW, putting the bin on top of Jericho, swinging the stick a few beats before launching Jericho with another t-bone for a two count. 

HOOK brought a other table into play, propping it in the corner. Northern lights by HOOK, but Jericho popped up with a desperation Codebreaker. Redrum locked in by HOOK, but Jericho sent the FTW Champion through the table to break the hold. Walls of Jericho in the centre of the ring but HOOK rolled through into a pinning attempt for two. A second Redrum attempt, but Jericho got the mule kick off to escape before sending HOOK flying with the Judas Effect for two. Jericho apologised to HOOK before hitting a second Judas Effect… again for two. 

An exasperated yelled at HOOK to stay down before retrieving Floyd the bat, Jeriho again telling HOOK to stay down. HOOK flipped the bird at Jericho but took the bat to the face for the 1-2-3, as Jericho becomes the new FTW Champion. An angry Taz came ringside to have words with Jericho as ‘Le Champion’ once again apologised before leaving with the title aloft.

Toni Storm (c) def. Thunder Rosa - AEW Women’s World Championship

Thunder Rosa eschewed the facepaint whilst Toni Storm came out caked in Bette Davis style make-up as this one kicked off. Stiff strikes to start, with emotions high after some strong promo work in the run-up to this one. Headscissors sent Storm to the floor, allowing Rosa to hit a top rope tornillo onto Toni and Luther, as Mariah May watched on. Storm soon took firm control of the bout as duelling chants erupted, but Rosa regrouped with a top rope sunset flip into a standing powerbomb for two. Rosa top rope dropkick and samoan drop, then a crucifix attempt got a two as the champion was reeling. Spicolli Driver on the apron by Rosa got a big reaction, and a two count. Storm fired back with a corner hung backstabber, tornado DDT, and a fisherman’s suplex for two, Mariah May ever vigilant at ringside. Rosa missed a diving stomp, Storm following up with a sky high for two, before the champ started honing in on Rosa’s back with a series of forearm smashes.

Storm weathered another Thunder Rosa onslaught to hit a release German suplex, but Rosa fired back with one of her own. Mariah May got on the apron to distract the ref, but was attacked by Deonna Purrazzo, who brawled to the back with Mariah, and even threw Luther into the steps for good measure. Toni Storm corner hip and Storm Zero… for two, before a Texas Cloverleaf, with Rosa reaching the ropes to break the hold. Thunder Rosa came back with a backstabber and a wrist clutch choke, but the champ made the ropes. Storm kicked Rosa down low and hit another Storm Zero for the win.

Will Ospreay def. Bryan Danielson

Dream match time as for the first time ever we get Danielson vs. Ospreay. 

Huge “HOLY S***” chants as the two came face to face before the bell. Technical catch-as-catch-can opening in front of this raucous crowd, Ospreay more than keeping up with the more technically proficient Danielson. The action picked up pace as the two took to their feet, each man avoiding a plethora of lightning quick attacks to another huge ovation. Danielson again tried to ground Ospreay, but the United Empire leader would not go quietly into the night, lighting Danielson up with strikes and chops. Danielson again fired back, out striking Ospreay with chops, uppercuts, and kicks, but was sent to the floor where Ospreay hit a vaulting splash. 

Danielson again fired back with strikes and hard kicks, before again taking it to the mat. Returning to their feet, Ospreay hit the handspring corkscrew kick to take Danielson down, and a diving forearm could only garner a two-count. Back to the floor, Ospreay hit a skytwister press to send Danielson flying, but an in-ring Hidden Blade attempt was thwarted, Danielson soon getting a two with a tiger suplex. Hammer and anvil elbows into a Cattle Mutilation for Danielson, and a huge avalanche Tiger Suplex could only get a two. Danielson was firmly in control, crushing Ospreay with a PK, but Ospreay would not stay down, eating several more strikes before felling Danielson with a stiff elbow. 

The fight spilled to the apron, with Will hitting an Os-cutter to send Danielson flying. With Danielson on the floor being attended to by the ref, Ospreay hit a flying Hidden Blade from the apron, sending Danielson flying. Danielson regained enough to beat the ref’s 10 count, but Ospreay was laying in wait, hitting a big time powerbomb for two. Os-cutter attempt reversed into a LeBell Lock attempt, with Ospreay powering out of the attempt. Danielson with La Mistica into the LeBell Lock to a huge ovation, before a fired up ‘American Dragon’ peppered Ospreay with a series of headkicks, although the Busaiku Knee attempt was caught mid-air. Nerfalls came flowing to greater and greater reactions still, most in the arena thinking Danielson had it won with the Busaiku Knee.

Danielson vowed to kick Ospreay’s “f****** head in” before delivering some wristclutch stomps in front of this divided crowd. LeBell lock attempt thwarted as Ospreay fought on, delivering some snug elbows inot Danielson who soon fired back with a triangle sleeper after playing possum. Danielson kept the triangle locked in, but Ospreay fired back with a Styles Clash for two to a loud reaction. Danielson was on the front foot with strikes, but a release suplex saw Ospreay gather momentum for a Hidden Blade, although a follow-up Os-cutter was met with a Busaiku Knee to the back of the head. 

‘YES’ chants as Danielson fired up, but Ospreay met his gaze and removed the elbow pad. As both me ran in it was Ospreay who would come out on top with the Hidden Blade and the Tiger Driver, the latter concerning referee Bryce Remsburg. Ospreay was unaware of the ref’s concerns, and hit another Hidden Blade to seal the deal. Medical staff rushed the ring as Ospreay was celebrating to check on Danielson. Danielson writhed in pain as Ospreay looked on concerned.

The Young Bucks def. FTR - AEW World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Early superkick party intercepted as Young Bucks vs. FTR IV kicked off. EVP trigger on Dax Harwood missed, allowing Cash Wheeler to hit a flying double clothesline. The fight quickly spilled to the floor as both teams jostled for position, and for the ladders. Matthew Jackson and Dax both quickly ascended the ladders but soon found themselves back on the ground, as The Bucks threw their first superkick party of the bout. Dax brought the ladders into the fight, launching Nicholas Jackson from the top rope onto the ladders, before back body dropping Matthew onto the same set as Cash set up a table on the floor. On the floor Matthew propped up a set of ladders on the apron with Cash draped over the op, as Nicholas hit a running senton bomb from the apron onto Wheeler. The Bucks grabbed two chairs and started wailing on a bleeding Harwood, sandwiching him in the ladders and hammering them with a chair. 

The AEW EVPs were firmly in control as Nicholas Jackson set up more tables on the floor, with FTR reeling in the ring. The bucks then propped a long ladder between the apron and timekeeper’s table, with Dax being sent careening into the ladder. Cash avoided the same fate and even hit a moonsault off the ladders to flatten the Jacksons, before being dropped yambag first between the rungs, and hit with an EVP Trigger. Cash regained composure to save Dax from an apron suplex through the table, then ran wild to get FTR a foothold in the match. Matthew found himself on the apron hanging on for dear life, when Cash speared him through the ropes through a table and into the guardrail, whilst Nicholas frankensteinered Dax off the apron through the other table.

Nicholas and Wheeler ascended the ladder and had a fistfight, with Cash and Matthew joining them on an adjacent ladder. Soon three out of the four were down, but as Matthew went for the titles he was yoinked out of his Dunks and hit with a Shatter Machine. Power and Glory tribute as Dax and Cash hit the Powerplex off two separate ladders onto Nicholas. Matthew managed to stop FTR grabbing the titles, with Nicholas following up with a big 450 from the top rope through Cash on a table on the floor, as Dax hit a piledriver on Matthew on the draped ladder in a scary moment.

Dax climbed the ladder all alone, but Nicholas sprang onto the other side then hit a destroyer off the rungs onto the floor. Cash then sent Nicholas flying to the floor once more and hit a 200mph tope suicida, but ate nothing but table as Nicholas avoided catastrophe. “PLEASE BE CAREFUL” chants as Dax and Nicholas ascended the ladder, Dax sending Nicholas from the top. Dax had his fingers on the titles as a fan in a Sting mask rushed the ring to send him flying. As security unmasked the ‘fan’ it was revealed to be a smiling Jack Perry, as Nicholas Jackson grabbed the titles, The Bucks becoming the first ever three-time AEW World Tag Team Champions. Perry was led away by security throwing up The Elite hand signal as The Bucks celebrated.

Swerve Strickland def. Samoa Joe (c) - AEW World Championship

Main event time, as a Black Panther costumed Swerve Strickland and Prince Nana made their way to the ring, Swerve draped in the late Jimmy Rave’s entrance robe. Big in-ring introductions for this one, with both men slowly feeling each other out as this one kicked off. Loud “SWERVE’S HOUSE” chants, but the crowd were shut down when Joe folded Strickland with a big knee to the gut. Swerve soon fired up and tried a tope suicida on Joe, but was caught an hit with a uranage onto the announce table. Joe removed the floor mats but was hit with a Fosbury flop by Swerve, but after avoiding a Muscle Buster attempt onto the exposed concrete, Swerve instead ate a powerslam directly onto the floor.

Joe was in a relaxed mode, cockily peppering the challenger with jabs in the corner before soaking in the boos of the crowd. A follow-up sweep cut Swerve down to size, with Joe getting a two with a Great Muta style flashing elbow. The champ was dominating proceedings, Swerve unable to get any sort of momentum in the bout. However, Joe is not immune to mistakes, missing Swerve with a big left and connecting his arm with the ringpost, Swerve getting an opening and focusing his attacks on the arm as a result. Swerve managed to get Joe down with an impressive German suplex, but only got a two count for his efforts. Coquina Clutch attempt evaded, and a follow up rolling leaping Flatliner got yet another two for Swerve. Still focusing on Joe’s left arm, Swerve hit a diving armbreaker of the top rope, then attempted an armbar but Joe went all Rampage Jackson and hoisted him up for a powerbomb into the corner. Quick follow-up Muscle Buster only garnered a two as the champ became flustered, Joe heading to the floor to grab the title. As he came back into the ring Swerve cut him off with a Housecall and a 450 to the back of the head, before a diving Swerve Stomp got yet another two count.

Joe regained his composure, and with Nana remonstrating to the ref both men fought over the title belt, only for Joe to finally lock in the Coquina Clutch. Swerve fought on, rolling through and snapping Joe’s arm as the fans rallied behind the challenger, as they had done all night. A second Housecall and another two count, and Swerve ascended the turnbuckle for another stomp, only to be met by a resurgent Joe. Swerve leapt over Joe and hit a powerbomb, then connected with another Swerve Stomp for the three count and the win. Swerve wins, Swerve wins, Swerve wins, and enters the history books as the first ever African American AEW World Champion. 

Big celebrations and lots of pyro as Swerve celebrated with the fans, and Prince Nana, as Dynasty went off the air.

AEW Dynasty results, April 21, 2024:

  • Swerve Strickland def. Samoa Joe (c) - AEW World Championship
  • The Young Bucks def. FTR - AEW World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match
  • Will Ospreay def. Bryan Danielson
  • Toni Storm (c) def. Thunder Rosa - AEW Women’s World Championship
  • Chris Jericho def. HOOK (c) - FTW Championship
  • Roderick Strong (c) def. Kyle O’Reilly - AEW International Championship
  • Willow Nightingale def. Julia Hart (c) - TBS Championship
  • The House of Black def. Adam Copeland, Mark Briscoe, & Eddie Kingston
  • Kazuchika Okada (c) def. PAC - AEW Continental Championship
  • Bullet Club Gold (c) def. The Acclaimed (c) - AEW & ROH Trios Championships Unification Match - Pre-Show
  • Orange Cassidy & Katsuyori Shibata def. Shane Taylor Promotions - Pre-Show
  • Trent Beretta def. Matt Sydal - Pre-Show

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