AEW Not Believed To Be Profitable Right Now

AEW may not currently be making a profit

AEW have been battling several issues over the last few months, with falling television ratings on Rampage & Collision and a visually obvious lack of ticket sales for certain shows. Another issue could well be the fact that the promotion is not currently profitable. 

Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics has given his say in an interview with SEScoops on whether AEW is a profitable company or not, and his analysis doesn’t bode well for Tony Khan.

"I think Tony is incredibly committed to WBD. He's insanely loyal. I asked him recently if FOX was now a possibility for AEW with Smackdown leaving. He would only talk about Warner Discovery and how he loves being partners there. I'm confident they aren't profitable now. They need to make $200 million a year in media rights to get to profitability. They'll get some increase, they could get triple what they're getting now, it's not unreasonable. But he's going to continue to run the company and do what he's doing whether it's profitable or not." 

It was later noted that AEW sources had revealed that a TV deal of up to half a billion dollars would be needed to give the company its preferred numbers, though no new deal or extension with Warner Discovery has been made as of yet.

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Written by Andrew Kelly