AEW Releases 'MEAT' T-Shirt After Big Meaty Men Slap Meat At All Out

AEW have given the fans what they want after All Out; meat

If Big E never returns to a wrestling ring then his legacy is already assured, mainly due to his myriad championship wins and in-ring accomplishments, but also for bringing the phrase ‘big meaty men slapping meat’ into every pro wrestling fan’s lexicon.

At All Out we got just that, as Miro and Powerhouse Hobbs had a raucous hoss fight in front of an enthusiastic Chicago crowd, with those inside the United Center chanting ‘meat’, ‘meat forever’, ‘slap that meat’, and other carnivorous based slogans. 

All Elite Wrestling have listened and have capitalised on the meat fever sweeping the company, releasing a t shirt that just says ‘MEAT’ perfect for fans of hoss fights, barbecues, and Shawn Stasiak’s WWF Attitude Era run.

The tee is officially listed on the store as ‘Hobbs vs Miro - Battle of the Meats 2023’, and I think we’re all hoping this becomes an annual tradition for AEW, because at the end of the day nothing unites wrestling fans more than big meaty men slapping meat.

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