AEW Reportedly Has Two TV Offers On The Table

One step closer to the deal they want?

As soon as All Elite Wrestling's launch was announced in early-January, speculation began running regarding a weekly televised show for the start-up promotion.

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, AEW representatives had a recent meeting with an unnamed media entity, and that AEW's position looks to be a favorable one, as two different networks are apparently vying for an AEW program.

Per Meltzer:

"AEW had a TV meeting today (unclear if Meltzer means Friday or Saturday) that went real well I heard. There's still no deal signed. I think everybody knows that there's going to be a very legit deal, because there's two of them on the table. It's real money, and it's real stations. It'll be the best TV deal that any non-WWE show has had since WCW, maybe."

"It's better than Spike (TNN/Paramount for Impact Wrestling). Either one that they're coming down to are both bigger than Spike. Prestige-wise, they're both bigger than Spike, by a long shot, as a matter of fact."

It's unclear when more details will be known, but during negotiation stages, minimal public information is to be expected.

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