AEW's Chris Jericho: It Doesn't Matter Who I Face In My Final Match

He's happy to just disappear.

Chris Jericho is still going strong in All Elite Wrestling and Le Champion remains one of the promotion's headline stars as part of The Inner Circle. 

At 50-years-old, though, Jericho appears to be entering the twilight of his in-ring career but the former AEW World Champion admitted it doesn't matter who he faces in his final match. 

"No, it doesn't matter because if you look at my career, it's always been about going out there and making great stuff out of what I've been given. It's easy to have a final match against Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker. It's easy to have a great final match with these great, great workers and to me, I won't even know when it's my final match. It'll probably be someone like Marko Stunt. We'll go out there, have a great match, tear the house down and I'll go 'You know what? That's pretty much it,'" Jericho told talkSPORT.

The Painmaker then noted he hasn't given retirement any real thought as there is still so much he wants to do inside the squared circle with AEW.

"I don't have any real thoughts about it. Obviously at 50 years old I'm aware that the time is short, but who's to say how short it is? I still have ideas for stories. I still feel like my stuff is some of the best stuff on the show. The rating that I draw are still high so I know I'm not wearing out my welcome, so to speak. So to me, when I start feeling like I'm not Chris Jericho, when I'm demeaning my legacy, then I'll stop. But I'm not at that point right now," Jericho continued.

"I'm actually having a lot of fun and I'm super motivated and inspired by what we're doing with AEW and the last thing I'd want to do is take myself out of the game when we continue to grow at such a huge level. I want to be there when we go to England. I want to be there when we go to Canada. I want to be there when we get our first two million rating, watching the show. I still feel I'm a very integral part of the show and have been since day one. I'm really enjoying it, I'm digging it, I love AEW and I have no plans of going anywhere else or doing anything else in the wrestling business other than being right here.

"I'd like to go to Japan a couple more times if it's an AEW styled show. I'd love to work with [Minoru] Suzuki over there, I'd love to work with Will Ospreay. I'd love to do a tag team with Kenny Omega in Japan. I think Omega and Jericho versus [Hiroshi] Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada is a Tokyo Dome sell-out. I have all of that in my back pocket. 

"I'm just working hard on staying in shape and having great ideas and just contributing at the highest possible level. When I feel I can't do that, then I will retire. But it won't be this big retirement tour or a final match and if it is, it will be because the storyline dictates that. But I don't need that for my ego, I'm happy just to disappear if I need to disappear," Jericho concluded.

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