AEW's CM Punk Admits He Fears HOOK

It might not be ‘clobbering time’ any time soon

CM Punk might have his hands full with MJF in AEW, but there are still a ton of names he wants to face in the company.

Having feuded with Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston, and now MJF, there are still a host of money matches on the table, including one with AEW cult sensation HOOK. But Punk isn’t about to rush into a fight with Taz’s son, telling Abe Kanan:

"If you look at, Cody, he's a big one. I'd really like to mess with Cody and his fans. Mr. 'I don't want to be a bad guy,' I'll tell you what you're going to be. Young Bucks, I'm always backstage pitching ideas for me and a tag partner against the Young Bucks. I really want to tag with Bryan Danielson. I'll fight him too. How about Jon Moxley? I've never wrestled Jon Moxley. I've wrestled Dean Ambrose. Would love [to wrestle Kenny Omega]. I don't know what's going on with Kenny, though. I read what everybody else has and I hear things about surgery and whatnot, but I don't know how positive or true that is, I just know he's banged up and I'm glad he's taking some time off. When CM Punk does wrestle Kenny Omega, I want him to be 100%. 

“There are so many dudes. How about HOOK? That kid, for the first time, somebody is making memes saying 'so and so fears HOOK, CM Punk fears HOOK.' Yeah. I do. 100%. I'm 43 years old, he's like 16. I don't want to get in trouble. You hurt a teenager, you go to jail for that sort of thing.”

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