AEW's Gunn Club Reveal Origins Of 'The Ass Boys', Still Waiting For A Thank You From Danhausen

Danhausen has been a thorn in the Gunn Club’s side all year

Danhausen is very nice, very evil, and he certainly has a way with words, with his own ‘unique’ takes on everyone from Egon (Ethan) Page, Chair (Shawn Spears) to the Ass Boys (The Gunn Club).

The ‘Ass Boys’ name has stuck to Austin and Colten Gunn, whether they like it or not, and during an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Austin Gunn explained where the unwanted moniker came from:

"We were on a cruise and we decided to help Danhausen once again with the comedy show, he doesn't do comedy, 'who can host this thing? Who do we need? We need the two most charismatic people in the biz, Colten and Austin Gunn' We'll help you. We get on stage and sure enough he goes, 'Where is Billy Ass?' 'That's not my dad’s name. It's Bad Ass Billy Gunn. 'No, it's Billy Ass and the Ass Boys.' Everyone went bonkers in the comedy booth. Ever since then, he hasn't shut up about it. One thing from us and he blew up.”

Colten Gunn added, "Now he has a contract with AEW because of us. We were nice enough to help him with that comedy show on the cruise and now a he has a contract. It's crazy."

With Danhausen now officially ‘All Elite’ you’d expect he’d have given thanks to the Gunns. Apparently not.

"Not a thank you. Did you a thank you?" asked Austin.

"I haven't received one yet," replied Colten.

"Still looking for it," stated Austin.

Billy Gunn himself is supportive of the ‘Ass Boys’ name, and has pledged his support to the gimmick on Twitter.

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