Shane Strickland Comments On Cody Rhodes' AEW Departure

Rhodes officially left AEW on Tuesday

The wrestling world is still reverberating from the fact that Cody Rhodes has left AEW and is likely to return to WWE. But while some think the idea of Cody going back to WWE is unthinkable, to others it makes total sense. 

That includes Sw3rve The Realest/Shane Strickland, who told Wrestling Inc. Daily’s Nick Hausman that returns to WWE are nothing new in wrestling:

“I mean we’ve seen it before, we’ve seen it before with a Drew McIntyre, we’ve seen it before with a Bobby Lashley too, we’ve seen it with a [Chris] Jericho many times. We have seen it with a lot of different talents over the years. Is it a shock with the timing? The timing, yes, I think it’s a shock. I thought he’d have had a bigger swan song for AEW, me personally.

“But, I think these past five years I think he’s earned it, me personally, I think he’s earned it. He’s sat out, did what he wanted to do, had a reality show, got on a big game show with a lot of eyes, made his connections, proved the internet wrong. Changed the narrative of him that we’ve seen for years, you know. He’s done a lot, so I think he’s doing what’s best for him, his career, and his family.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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