AEW's Jake Hager Reveals He Underwent Surgery Earlier This Year

Why he hasn't been fighting in Bellator

Beyond his appearances in All Elite Wrestling, Jake Hager has been active in mixed martial arts and he currently holds a 3-0-1 record in Bellator.

Hager hasn't fought inside the octagon in over a year, though, but he revealed to Renee Paquette and Anthony Smith on SiriusXM that he is aiming to fight in Bellator next year, having undergone surgery in April. 

"So it's been a year since my last fight. I had surgery in April so I really kind of just took this whole year to myself to kind of deal with the recovery of - had a lot to do with pro wrestling and I was literally going to shows weeks out of surgery. So it was cool to get back and just kind of step back and relax and get my body [healed] and let my body heal which I think is a big word all MMA guys can say, heal, and now it's the end of the year, I'm starting to train again," Hager began. 

"I got a teammate that's training for a bare-knuckle MMA fight and so, getting back in there, having a lot of fun, getting the itch. I think next year I'm gonna aim for two fights. I have two more fights on my Bellator contract so I'm gonna aim to do that in 2022, maybe April, maybe May and we're just gonna go there. Right now, I'm a top ten undefeated heavyweight so I know the competition is gonna increase but you know, we're ready, we stay ready. This is time to capitalise and no one's gonna take that away from me."

Hager didn't take much time off following his surgery and he was featured in high-profile matches in May as part of The Inner Circle's feud with The Pinnacle, competing in Blood & Guts and then Stadium Stampede.

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