AEW's Jon Moxley Is Writing A Book

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Tony Khan was the latest guest on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette and they talked about a range of topics, including AEW's working relationship with IMPACT Wrestling. 

During the conversation, Khan also revealed that Jon Moxley is currently writing a book. 

"You can edit this out if you don't want to use it, but I've read some of the book he's writing. Awesome, it's awesome," Khan said.

Paquette went into further detail about the project, saying: "Really cool, right? It's funny because he's working off of my laptop, so my email is set up on there. So, any time he sends it off to himself it's sent through my sent email. So he's like, 'check it and read it.' And reading all this stuff that he's been writing - I had no doubt, I've been up his ass forever like dude, you need to write a book because he can be a very eloquent speaker... And his memory is so amazing, the stuff that he's able to draw from. But the fact that he's actually doing that now and writing it himself, I think it's going to be such a badass product. I can't wait."

Khan then added: "I'm so excited about it. It's so cool and the best part of reading it has been that like you can so tell he's writing it himself because it's like literally reading him talking, which is the best. It's like a transcript of him talking."

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