Roman Reigns Says A Match With The Rock At WWE WrestleMania 39 "Just Makes Sense"

The possible confrontation appears to be years away

A potential match between The Rock and Roman Reigns has been talked about for years. Conversations around the bout intensified in recent months as WWE prepares for WrestleMania 37, but reports noted the match won't be taking place this year. Vince McMahon would reportedly prefer for the clash to take place in Los Angeles, which would mean waiting until WrestleMania 39.

Roman Reigns seems to be willing to wait, though. He recently told FOX that "it just makes sense" for the match to take place in Hollywood in 2023. 

"We'll go to Hollywood for [@WrestleMania] 39, and I think it just makes sense," The Big Dog said. "He's the biggest box office attraction for the big screen. So, to be able to take that and match it up with the biggest box office attraction in sports entertainment, I think magic would be made."

While the match looks to be a couple of years away, The Rock has previously said he would be honoured to put his cousin over on the grandest stage of them all.

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