AEW's Kenny Omega Wants To Write A Final Chapter With Kota Ibushi

One more story with Ibushi

One more run for The Golden Lovers?

Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi have been separated in the world of wrestling since The Best Bout Machine departed New Japan Pro-Wrestling in early 2019. With the forbidden door having opened, though, Omega has revealed he wants to write one final chapter with Ibushi. 

After being asked on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Podcast if fans had seen the last of him and The Golden Star together, Omega said: "I doubt it. If I were a betting man, I would say, it's safe to say... when real life is involved and it's more than just the wrestling in the ring and now, as time goes by and promotions and fans are listening more and responding more to what they want to see in professional wrestling -- we talk about the 'forbidden door' and this concept that if you wrestle for one promotion, there's no way you get to mingle with another, slowly but surely those borders are evaporating. We've seen IMPACT talent and New Japan talent on AEW. We've seen our talent go elsewhere as well. Who knows where the future lies. There may be more special guests and surprises in the future.

"For me, I'm a storyteller. Way more than I like professional wrestling, I like telling stories. I love stories that have an ending. I love stories that have a beginning, middle, and end. I have a lot of stories that have yet to have a final chapter. That story is yet to close," Omega continued. 

"I would love, with however long my health allows me to, I would love to have that book have the final chapter written. That goes for not only that but for quite a few other stories as well. I would love to close the book and look back and be proud that these stories that I pictured in my wacky little brain, they had a beginning, middle, and end and that I could close that book happily. For someone as influential as Ibushi was to my career, inside and outside, I feel it would be an injustice for it to die."

Omega and Ibushi's careers have been entwined since they first started teaming as The Golden Lovers in 2009. They would split in 2014 once Omega signed with NJPW full-time but they reunited in January 2018. 

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