Jon Moxley: Now's The Time To Jump On Board With AEW

The former AEW Champion has taken notice of the promotion’s momentum

Excitement around AEW is at an all-time high, due to several high profile signings, increasing ratings, and a  devoted audience that is feeling re-invigorated.

Former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley has noticed the buzz about AEW, and ahead of last night’s Dynamite told Cincy 360 that now is the time to ‘get on board’ with the promotion:

“AEW has a great relationship with the audience,” said Moxley. “They know we’re not out there trying to swerve them and make a buck off them, they’re not just dollar signs to us, they’re fans and we’re fans. I just feel like basically the 10,000 people that’ll be out there tonight and the however many people were at All Out the other night, I feel like we would all still be here even if none of us were getting paid. We would all just be here for the love and the passion of it. It’s kind of a gathering of professional wrestling fans, it’s getting cool.

“A lot of fans are like ‘oh, you watch wrestling?’, and if you don’t get it, you just don’t get it. Now, more people are getting it and it’s hotter than it’s ever been, and you can feel it getting hotter especially with us coming off of this pay-per-view we had, it might’ve been one of the best wrestling pay-per-views ever, definitely in the last decade though. The hits just keep on coming, and once that momentum starts going, it’s one of those things. If you want to jump on board with AEW, now’s the time.”

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Written by Jack Atkins

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