AEW’s MJF & WWE’s Happy Corbin Have Back-And-Forth On Twitter

MJF hasn’t been shy about ‘courting’ WWE interest

With MJF constantly making references to his AEW deal ending in 2024 and ‘willingness’ to negotiate with WWE, it’ll come as little surprise to many to see ‘The Salt of the Earth’ becoming friendly on Twitter with WWE’s Happy Corbin.

MJF was commenting on upcoming signings in Albany, New York on Twitter, saying “Got a signing today for a lot of money. Being in Albany however is making me want to up the price,” to which Corbin appeared in his mentions, Tweeting a gif of The Rock saying “the price just went up.”

The two then went back and forth, saying they’d have to meet up for steak, with Corbin suggesting they ‘rent the place out’ so ‘peasant’s can’t bother’ them.

Of course, the ‘war’ between WWE and AEW is mainly between fanbases, with several high profile AEW stars having worked for both companies, so to see two stars on either side of the fence being friendly should come as no chock.

Also, this is MJF we’re talking about here, and as a performer known for rarely breaking kayfabe and trying to elicit a heel response to everything he does, this could just be another twist to his on-screen tale with CM Punk, and something to get the fans talking.

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Written by Jack Atkins

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