Two WWE Main Eventers Potentially Turning Face?

WWE has a distinct lack of main event faces at this moment in time

Much has been made of the current state of WWE’s main event scene, with a distinct lack of main event babyfaces, with Drew McIntyre out of action, and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar believed to be pencilled in for big WrestleMania clash with Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

However, as seen at recent WWE house shows and during dark matches after broadcasts, WWE could potentially be giving face-turns to two main event heels, with Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins both wrestling as faces in the past week.

In the case of Rollins, fresh from him appearing on SmackDown this past Friday and challenging Reigns at the Royal Rumble, Rollins was attacked in-ring by The Usos in a post-Smackdown live segment, eventually dispatching Jimmy and Jey with Superkicks and Stomps as he got the crowd to chant ‘burn it down’.

As for Lashley, the former WWE Champion teamed with Damian Priest against Rollins and Ziggler at a RAW live show in Boston  on Sunday, with Lashley said to be working in full babyface mode, hi-fiving kids at ringside.

Of course, neither turn is set in stone, and the house shows/dark segments are perfect proving grounds for WWE to see if storylines and ideas will work. But considering how face light the main event scene is, don’t be surprised if either or both turn face soon.

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Written by Jack Atkins

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