AEW's Tony Khan Apologises For Bleacher Report Streaming Issues

International viewers had problems with the distribution platform

All Elite Wrestling has uploaded the latest Women's World Championship Eliminator Show to YouTube, while Tony Khan has apologised, after issues plagued the streaming of the event internationally. 

The show was shown through Bleacher Report's streaming platform but, while the hour-long episode was viewable without problem in the United States, it appears there were problems for fans that tried to watch from around the world. 

Khan has taken to social media to offer an apology to fans, saying he had been promised that the show would be available for free to a global audience, and that the show had been made available on the AEW YouTube account. 

Writing on Twitter, Khan said: "I’m sorry people had issues @BleacherReport’s international stream. I was promised multiple times by our partner that the Eliminator matches would stream in real time for free for all international fans. 

"Since that’s not the case, I’ve just put the matches up for free on YouTube."

Bleacher Report's stream was AEW's most recent distribution platform for a series that has already featured on YouTube and also been a part of the regular Dynamite broadcasts on TNT. 

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