Report: WWE Raw Viewing Figures In India Double That Of USA

WWE going strong in India

According to a report from Lucha Libre Online, WWE RAW’s average viewership in India in January 2021 exceeded 4 million viewers, more than doubling the 1.85 million viewers in the USA during the exact same timeframe.

The report also added that WWE SmackDown averaged around 3 million viewers in India, while NXT broke the 1 million mark, both also during January 2021.

This will come as welcome, if not surprising, news to WWE, who recently ran the Superstar Spectacle event for Indian audiences, with a rumoured NXT expansion into the territory also mooted.

Pro wrestling is extremely popular across India, with many sources claiming it is one of the top 10 most popular sports in the country. 

Other encouraging signs for WWE’s global viewing figures show that South Africa averaged in excess of 1 million viewers for both Raw and SmackDown, with Canada, Germany, and Italy averaging around 300,000 viewers for the two shows throughout January.

Based on India, South Africa, Canada, Germany, and Italy alone, this gives WWE average viewing figures of 5.9 million viewers for Raw, and 5.2 million viewers for SmackDown.

It is worth noting that the report did not include viewing figures for the USA, UK, Latin America, Japan, and China, amongst many other countries that broadcast WWE programming.

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