AEW's Tony Khan To WWE: "Come To Jacksonville, I'm Begging You!"

"They are more than welcome. As I’ve said before, the forbidden door is open anytime."

All Elite Wrestling CEO Tony Khan has expressed his interest in a collaboration with WWE, begging Vince McMahon's promotion to "come to Jacksonville".

The pathway to cross-promotional work between wrestling companies has been crossed in recent months, as AEW begins work with IMPACT Wrestling and NJPW, bringing new matches and global storylines to their respective television shows. 

Executive Vice-President Cody Rhodes stated recently that there was "no reason" AEW and WWE could not work together in the future, and it appears Khan is just as interested in a potential cross-over with WWE. 

Speaking on the Wrestle Fetish Podcast, Khan said on potentially working with WWE: "They are more than welcome. As I’ve said before, the forbidden door is open anytime. Just come and knock. If they were to knock on the door, I would certainly be willing to let them in.”

When pressed further whether such a cross-over would be similar to WWE's dynamic with WCW; specifically, when D-Generation X tried to invade WCW Nitro, Khan added: "I don’t think so. Eric [Bischoff] wanted them [WWE] to come inside, so I’m willing to do the same. 

"Come in, please. I would love that. Come to Jacksonville, I’m begging you.

"The biggest thing in relationships for me is I treat people really well, and I’m very honest with them. That’s why people like to work here, whether its AEW or the Jaguars. I do think that sets us apart from other wrestling companies. But in dealing with other companies, I try to treat them the same way as I treat my own [employees].”

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