Booker T: Christian Is The Most Underrated WWE Superstar Ever

WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T has named Christian as the most underrated wrestler he has ever worked with. 

Christian made a surprise return to the WWE ring at this year's Royal Rumble, seven years after his last match, having retired due to injury. 

'Captain Charisma' and Booker T faced each other regularly in an enjoyable feud over the Intercontinental Championship in 2003, and the former World Heavyweight and WCW champion has revealed his love of working with Christian during their time together. 

Booker T also speculated that the returning Christian should have enjoyed more World Championship runs of his own, having held the World Heavyweight Championship twice in WWE, during a short period in 2011.

"I would think Christian perhaps is the most underrated wrestler that I’ve ever been around knowing what he can do inside the squared circle," Booker revealed on The Hall Of Fame podcast. "He’s always been a top-notch worker. I always was one of the guys who loved it when I saw his name by mine, whether it was a house show, TV, it didn’t make any difference. 

"It was just so much fun coming to work at that time knowing that I was going to go out there and work with Christian because we were going to have fun - other than one time when he hit me in the eye.

"Christian, probably perhaps the most underrated guy, perhaps should have been World Champion many more times than he actually was."

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