AEW's Tony Khan Was Not A Fan Of Broken Matt Hardy

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All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan has revealed he was "not as into Broken Matt Hardy as other people were."

Khan was a recent guest on Rasslin' with Brandon F. Walker and TK discussed AEW pivoting after making mistakes, during which he mentioned Hardy's Broken gimmick.

"A great example I think would be, and he would be totally fine with me saying this, I was not as into Broken Matt Hardy as other people were. And I've said this on Jericho's podcast, that thing he did with time travel, that was the craziest Dynamite of all-time other than the Atlanta taping... Matt Hardy and Chris were trying to talk me into [it], specifically Chris liked the idea of Matt teleporting. Dude, I'm lucky these guys are even there... But the idea of teleportation, I was just like, 'Alright. I'm just lucky you guys [are here].' At that point, it was a miracle the show was even coming off," Khan said. 

Khan is instead a much bigger fan of Hardy's current Big Money Matt gimmick and the AEW president considers the former IMPACT World Champion a "really centre figure" of Dynamite. 

"But anyway. To get to the point we are now with Big Money Matt and the stuff we're doing now. I feel like sometimes if you don't like an idea you can move on and do something [else]. And I think Matt Hardy, and the stuff he's done with Private Party, The Butcher and The Blade and the Bunny, and now with Christian Cage, is super compelling. He's really become a really centre figure in the show. Like I said, his match with Darby Allin was huge... Of Darby's ten title defences that was by far his biggest one," Khan continued.

Hardy debuted in AEW as his Broken character in March 2020, but he pivoted away from the gimmick as he believed it worked best with a live audience. The character continued to make sporadic appearances until November 2020, and Hardy transitioned to his heel Big Money Matt gimmick soon after. 

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