AEW Twice Scrapped Santana & Ortiz Winning The Tag Team Titles

Santana & Ortiz were set to win the AEW World Tag Team Titles on two different occasions

There have been multiple occurrences where All Elite Wrestling have been accused of ‘dropping the ball’ with an act, with many pointing out that Santana & Ortiz never winning the World Tag Team Championships was a major mis-step by the company.

The team have since split up due to a real-life breakdown in friendship backstage, but during an interview with the Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast, Ortiz claims there were two occasions where The Proud & Powerful were set to win the straps:

“I tend to avoid it at times but that stuff (opinions from fans that Ortiz & Santana should’ve gotten AEW Tag Title run), it’s almost hard to avoid because we’re constantly tagged in stuff about that,” said Ortiz. “To answer your question, how I felt about it, ah, I think we could have forced a hand a little bit more when we did have the opportunities that we had and I can’t completely blame the company because I mean, there was talks about it but it was almost like it was never the right time, right? It just wasn’t our time and it was just kind of because we were always intertwined with a huge storyline with The Inner Circle and it would have been hard to sway off and kind of go do our own tag thing and go after the Tag Titles.

“So, it actually was supposed to happen more than once. But just due to stuff out of our control, out of my control, it just never seemed to pan out. It’s not like those people on the internet that were clamouring for us to be Tag Team Champions — it was noticed by the people in AEW and above and it almost happened two times. It just never panned out. I won’t get into the weeds of things, only because I think I’ll get in trouble if I do (he laughed). That’s pretty much it. It was supposed to happen. It just never did unfortunately.”

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