AJ Lee Details Her Gratitude And Appreciation For Pro Wrestling

“I could live vicariously through these characters that were real life superheroes in spandex”

AJ Lee stepped away from the wrestling world in 2015, but her name is still kept alive by fans, especially after husband CM Punk name-checked her on AEW: Rampage.

But although a return to the ring is unlikely, Lee still has a lot of love for pro-wrestling, telling MOSTe Girls on Instagram live:

“Oh my God. It [wrestling] was the most fun ever, besides all the injuries. But, I, along with loving comic books and escapism and fantastical worlds, wrestling was one of those things that made me feel safe when my environment and reality was anything but, and I could live vicariously through these characters that were real life superheroes in spandex and it was such a saving grace for me as a kid. I was 13 years old and I said, ‘I’m going to do that one day’ and I’m very stubborn and I just did it when I was 18, about 19. I had gone to school for film and television and I couldn’t afford it and so, let me follow my other passion and then when I retired, that then led me to following my other passion of film and TV so, to me it all starts in childhood and what you think is possible and having commitments. Yeah, so it was this childhood dream that got to be reality and I mean I found my husband [CM Punk] there, I found this fan base that is so loyal and beautiful and my wonderful weirdos. They have stuck by me. They go to like mental health conferences and they follow our journey as writers now and I think it’s really because I got the opportunity to represent a message and a mission and they kind of related to that mission and that message continues so, yeah. It was a great time.”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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